How to View Instagram Stories Without Them Knowing? [Guidance + Tips & Tricks]


If it has been a while that you are an Instagram user, you definitely have wished that you could see some of the stories without the “seen” mark!

Instagram stories have been added to this platform since 2013. from then till now, it has been more and more popular. People love sharing their daily activities on the story, and almost over 500 million users use Instagram Stories.

58% of Instagram users show more interest in sharing and seeing stories. If you use Instagram more than others, you might be obsessed with this ability. Anyways, back to the main question! Have you ever wished to see stories without the creator’s notice?

How to View Instagram Stories Without Them Knowing?

Do you think it is possible to view stories without them knowing? Here we have some answers for you to help you through this question. It might be everybody’s concern to find out if it is possible or not?

Can you view Instagram stories without them knowing?

In this part, we will bring you some tricks that you can try and see other people’s stories without them knowing. But some might work and might not.

So you should try them on the accounts that it is ok for you to see their stories, and after you make sure that these tips work for you, start watching the stories anonymously!

But these are the tested tricks, so it will work for you too! Let’s don’t waste any time and learn these solutions.

  • First Trick is to view Instagram stories without the creator knowing

Open the Instagram application on your phone. (You have to do it on your phone, and there is no way to try it on your PC). Then, locate the user’s profile icon you want to view their stories without them knowing in the story part.

Let it be, and then open the immediate next story of the person you wish to view.

Hold your finger on the opened story (the story right after the person you want) and carefully make a slight back swipe WITHOUT releasing your finger. This part is so tricky, so be careful.

You can now sneak a look at your wanted Instagram user’s story. Again note that you should NOT release your finger or your view! It will get counted in their story.

How to View Instagram Stories Without Them Knowing?

After you’ve looked at the story, it is now time to carefully swipe the story forward to the page where you started.

The mentioned Trick is only for photo-based stories. If they have shared a video, you can’t use it this way to see that it is. So if the target user has shared a photo in his story section, there you go!

  • Second Trick to view Instagram stories without the creator knowing

The second idea that is for viewing other users’ stories without showing them in their view list is to make another account! Yes, if you don’t want your username to be on their sheet, all you have to do is create an anonymous account and if their account is private, send them a follow request.

If they have a private account, it might be a bit problematic. They might not accept you! But it is a trick and worth trying.

If you want to create another account on Instagram, a quick way is to hold long on your profile image and then select “Add Account” to create a new one.

How to View Instagram Stories Without Them Knowing?

  • The third Trick is to view Instagram stories without being noticed

This is another tricky trick that might work for some people and not others! Let’s explain it! Block the user! You heard me right!

Just head to the target user’s profile, see their stories and then block them! This will reduce your username from the viewer’s list.

If you don’t want any trouble after blocking, just unblock the users and send a follow request again. Because if you block a user, you will be removed from each other’s followings.

  • Forth Tip is to view Instagram stories without being noticed

This is another popular way to watch the stories anonymously. You have to use the airplane/flight mode on your device! How? Let me explain.

As you know, Instagram automatically pre-loads some of the content. So after you turn on your flight mode/airplane, all the action on Instagram, including viewing the stories like sending messages, won’t count.

How to View Instagram Stories Without Them Knowing

How to use this Trick?

  1. On Instagram, go to the target user’s profile by searching their username in the search bar.
  2. When you are on their profile page, refresh the screen one or two times. This will make Instagram load their content better. (Refreshing means holding your finger on the screen and pushing it down.)
  3. Now, you have to turn on your airplane or flight mode, which will make all your phone connections disconnected.
  4. Now watch the story and then clear the app from the recent section on your phone. (Make sure you have done that!)

These were the ways you could watch the stories without the users knowing. Besides all of these, you can use some third-party apps to make this whole process easier.

How to View Instagram Stories Without Them Knowing?

Third-Party Apps to View Instagram Stories Anonymously

It is good that we have these tools to make this process less stressful!

  • Story Saver for Instagram APK for Android.
  • BlindStory for Android and iOS.
  • Gramster Instagram Story Saver

You can find these apps on Google Play or App Store.

Use Browser Extensions for Google Chrome to View Instagram Stories Anonymously

This is great for the users that want to use the desktop version of Instagram. If you wish to view Stories from the desktop, use the “Hiddengram” or “Chrome IG Story” browser extension for Google Chrome.

For this, you need to download and add the extension to your Chrome browser and then open any Story on the Instagram webpage.

How to View Instagram Stories Without Them Knowing?

In ending this

This article brought ways to sneak into the users’ stories without knowing! We have mentioned 4 simple tricks + some useful apps, and 2 great browser extensions.

You can use which one you like and are comfortable with. They all assist you in watching any story you want on Instagram.

If I want to be honest, I prefer the first method! It is easy and quick, and it works well for photos.


Which way do you prefer to view Instagram stories without the creators knowing? Have you tried any of them? Do you any other way? Please join the discussion in the section below.

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