Advertising on Instagram: How Much Does it Cost? +Ads Cost Table


Instagram and Facebook are two leading apps on social media platforms. They both belong to the Meta company, but they are sometimes different.

There are also some similarities. For instance, they both advertise, and they share successful ads. It is not hard to create a successful ad on the Instagram platform. And it doesn’t cost you more than it benefits you.

If you run a business and you have a business account on this app, you probably should use this opportunity to create ads.

As you might guess, the ads on this platform reach more than 1 billion active users. So it is worth paying Instagram to have access to these users.

If you want to have a successful advertisement, have your eyes on Instagram.

More than 25% of Instagram users say that they have found new products and discovered new brands on this app. So with this statistical information, now you might be convinced to try Instagram ads!

Advertising on Instagram: How Much Does it Cost

If you like to learn more about Instagram ads and how much it costs to advertise on Instagram, follow the article to gain all this information.

We have provided a cost table where you can easily find the Instagram ad costs.

A quick review of how much it costs to advertise on Instagram:

It depends on the Instagram ad type and additional factors like competition, ad relevancy, and others you’ll see in the section below. Totally it costs you $0.20 to $6.70 to advertise on Instagram and use its benefits.

What are Instagram ads?

Instagram ads are the posts that business owners have paid to show to the audience. We have already discussed what Instagram ads are and how they can benefit your brand and business. But here, we also want to elaborate a little.

As you know, Instagram users use this app to explore and discover things and brands or businesses like yours. On the other hand, you can offer them this opportunity and be found by the target audience.

There are Different Types of Ads On Instagram, and ads are shared on the app, including in users’ stories, feeds, and explore sections. You can distinguish them with a “sponsored label” with regular content that users share.

Advertising on Instagram: How Much Does it Cost?

But there is an important question: How much does an Instagram ad cost?

If you want to know how much you have to pay to Instagram for its ads, in the next part, we have included how much Instagram ads cost you.

How much does advertising cost on Instagram?

To answer the question “how much does it cost to advertise on Instagram?” you need to know that it highly depends on the elements mentioned below:

  1. The targeting
  2. Placement
  3. Competitiveness of the industry
  4. Time of year (holidays, Black Friday)

Considering these, you can now see the table below and know how much it costs to advertise on Instagram.

Instagram AdsCost
per one thousand impressions$2.50 to $3.50
per engagement$0.01 to 0.05
per click$0.40 to $0.70
Ads containing a URL per click$0.50 to $0.95

As you can see, Instagram follows a specific rule for its payment to show the ads in the app.

Based on this table, do you think Instagram’s advertising costs are worth the mentioned price or not?

It seems that your answer is YES. If you are still not convinced to create ads on Instagram despite knowing the ad costs, in the section below, we have written why Instagram ads cost this much.

  1. IG ads maintain higher CTRs. (click-through rates)
  2. Instagram has outstanding engagement rates compared to other social apps and platforms.
  3. This platform provides businesses with advanced targeting options.

 Advertising on Instagram: How Much Does it Cost?

Upon analyzing the facts

According to the numbers creating ads on Facebook costs you more than on Instagram, but ads on Instagram are more beneficial. Because it is shared among 20% of the world population, the engagement rate for each post containing an ad is much higher.

In this article, we have talked about Instagram ad costs and provided this info in an ads cost table so that you can access it easily.


Please tell us if you think Instagram ads are worth paying for and why. Make a conversation down here and share your opinions on this topic.

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