When to Post Reels on Instagram? [To Gain More Views]


Everyone on Instagram tries to create creative and funny reels and share them to increase their engagement rate on this platform. Since users love watching this content and it is somehow trendy.

But you need to consider two main things about Instagram reels; the first one is making sure you have put all your creativity into it to share a high-quality video reel.

And the second one is posing it in excellent timing so most of your followers and audience can see and enjoy it.

Getting the most attention for your Instagram Reel on your account can take a bit of time to acknowledge how viewer engagement changes when posting your content throughout the day.

So if you want most of your audience on Instagram to see your funny reels, check the section below to know when to post reels on Instagram.

When to Post Reels on Instagram

When is it better to post reels on your Instagram account?

All you need to know to gain more viewers for your reels on Instagram is to learn the convenient times throughout the day to share your video-based content.

The best times to share reals on Instagram are primarily in the morning, but it differs in different countries and areas:

  1. Western US and Canada: 12 AM to 6 AM
  2. Eastern US and Canada: 4 AM to 9 AM
  3. Central US and Canada: 6 AM to 8 AM
  4. South America: 4 AM
  5. United Kingdom: 4 AM to 6 AM
  6. Western Europe: 6 PM to 8 PM
  7. Eastern Europe: 5 AM to 7 AM
  8. Africa: 6 AM
  9. East and Southeast Asia: 11 PM to 4 AM
  10. Australasia: 11 PM to 2 AM
  11. South Asia and the Middle East: 3 AM

When to Post Reels on Instagram

Let’s explain why before you get confused!

These times to share Reels on Instagram are all valid, and they can be a good starting point to help you get more engagement. However, it would be best if you don’t stick to these special times. These might not be the best for your Instagram Reels.

Every Instagram audience is different, with unique patterns of engagement. This means the best time to share anything is also always different.

So if you are eager to optimize your followers’ engagement, you need to analyze your own audience through your Instagram insight or other tools to find the optimal sharing time for them.

Because, to be honest, the best time to post Instagram Reels on each account differs.

When to Post Reels on Instagram

Which point do you need to pay attention to while posting Instagram Reels?

Before sharing any content on your Instagram account – not just reels – know the answers to these important questions:

Where are Your Target followers Located?

To find the best time to share Reels on IG, you must know where your target audience is.

Instagram is an app with 1 billion users spread out worldwide. But not all of them follow you! This means you have to get the time zones when you post or observe your insight.

If you post your Reels while your followers and audience are at work or asleep, you’ll never end up getting the engagement you deserve. Timing has a massive impact on peak engagement hours.

Not only to increase your engagement, but you also need to know where your audience is mainly from to choose the right content for their taste.

When to Post Reels on Instagram

If you want to find these essential information, open your Instagram app, go to the profile, tap on Insights, and then find the Total Followers option.

What is the second question?

What time are your followers not sleeping?

After knowing where your followers are, you must use this data to increase engagement. How? To do this, you must find out when your audience is awake and optimize your posting.

If half of your audience is in the US and the other half in Canada, you have 8 hours to work on your IG account.

Figuring out the perfect Instagram Reels posting schedule with this information (guessing) can be risky. You can access basic scheduling information if you have an Instagram business account.

When to Post Reels on Instagram

How can users get more views on Instagram Reels?

Consider you know the best time to post Reels, but if you want maximum views and engagement, you need to find out how the Instagram Reels algorithm works.

If you truly understand the Instagram Reels algorithm, you’ll be in control of one of the most incredible growth hacks on the social media app.

To wrap it up

If you like to be the first one on your followers’ feeds, you need to work on it and gather the essential information of your followers.

Information like where they live and when they are active on Instagram. After knowing these 2, you can share your reels on Instagram and enjoy seeing and sharing them with other users.


If you have any other suggestions about this topic or if you have any ideas, please share them with us in the statements below. We are waiting to hear from you.

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