How to Write in Different Fonts on Instagram? | Make Your Account Attractive


You might probably see some Instagram users write in a different font on their stories or bio section. This makes their profile more attractive and eye-catching.

Your Instagram profile is your identity on this platform. It is like a landing page; the most important one is your digital face, so making it attractive will aid in gaining more followers and engagement.

To keep your digital face and create a better profile, you can use different methods; creating a complete profile is the most important one. You can choose a great Instagram profile picture, and to complete this process, you can use special fonts in your bio section.

You can’t make the first impression on Instagram twice, so make sure the first one is enough for other Instagram users to follow you and even become a customer if you own a business online on this platform.

How to Write in Different Fonts on Instagram

In this part, we’re going to talk about why you need to try different and new fonts on your Instagram account, and then we will tell you how to write in different fonts to attract new Instagram users to your account. Let’s start.

Why is it better to try different fonts on your Instagram profile?

In a nutshell, if I want to mention the reasons why you need to try new and different fonts on your bio or story section, I can mention the reasons below:

  1. Look different

Instagram is a visual-based platform; if you want to showcase your works like many other designers, creators, and artists, you must work on this aspect. You need to highlight your creativity.

As you know, the competition level is incredibly high on Instagram. Using recognizable fonts is one of the ways to make your Instagram profile look different from the other accounts.

How to Write in Different Fonts on Instagram

  1. To accompany the trends.

If you use new methods and don’t stick to one Instagram strategy and try new things, your audience won’t get tired of your content, and they will always follow you or try to see the content you share.

On the other hand, using different fonts is a trend on Instagram nowadays. It has been used by influencers, great businesses, and brands. This means that it is time to give new fonts a try.

  1. You can show Your Creativity.

Instagram is all about trying to share new and rare content, isn’t it? The Instagram social media platform offers its users so many ways to do that. Changing your text fonts on IG is another way you can showcase your creativity.

How to Write in Different Fonts on Instagram

How can you Change Fonts on your Instagram account?

There is no need to worry! The process is so simple. Just follow the instructions below if you want to change fonts and try new ones on your Instagram account.

Use online font generators

Font generators, as its name represents, help you explore all the different fonts before picking the right one for you. Online font generators give you the opportunity to choose Instagram fonts you’d like.

In the following part, I will mention four Instagram online font generators that you could use:

  • Instagram Font Generator

This is a straightforward option to try writing a text in a special box, and a list of all the different fonts will appear that you can use.


This is the following tool that assists you in picking the most suitable font. All you have to do is type the text in the box and explore all the fonts. Just as the previous one. The tool’s interface is user-friendly and includes only a text field where you can type Instagram content to style it.

After you’ve done it, the tool will show fonts to output your copy, allowing you to choose the one you like.

How to Write in Different Fonts on Instagram? | Make Your Account Attractive

  • MetaTags Font Generator and Fonts.Social

This tool is for you if you want to preview how your new font appears on your bio.

These are the fun tools in which you can try out new fonts and explore their emoji recommendations along with your text. If you don’t want to put them on your Instagram stories or bio, just try them.

How can you Change the Font on the Instagram Bio?

This is a fun job to do! If you want to change your Instagram bio font, all you need to do is take these simple steps:

  • Head to one of the online font generators and write your text.
  • Several font options will appear. Pick one of them that you like. And then Copy the text.
  • Go to your Instagram application. Tap on your profile picture
  • Then tap on “Edit Profile.”
  • Now you have to paste the text on your bio.
  • You’re done.

How can you Change the Font on Your Instagram posts and Stories?

How can you Change the Font on Your Instagram posts and Stories?

It is just the same as the steps you took to change your bio’s font. Write any text you want in the online font generators and then copy them.

You can paste the text anywhere you want, on your story section, in the Instagram caption, and even you can change your Instagram name to a more attractive one just by using these fonts.

Not only can you change your Instagram name, but you can also change your name on other social platforms like WhatsApp, Telegram, Twitter, and even Facebook.

Some points to consider:

  • Please don’t overdo it! Don’t change All the Instagram Fonts; keep it simple.
  • Make sure the font you choose is readable so that users have no trouble reading them at first glance.

How can you Change the Font on Your Instagram posts and Stories?

All in all

Here we have mentioned one of the simple methods you can use to make your account more attractive and have fun while doing it.

These fonts are useable anywhere, not only on your Instagram but on all other platforms. Just try to make beautiful and eye-catching texts to make an excellent first impression.


If you have questions about creating and writing in different fonts on Instagram, you can ask us in the comment below.

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