What to Do If Your Instagram Account is hacked?


Do you think hackers have found your information on Instagram and accessed your account?

This article will discuss how you can do when hackers hack your account.

It can be a nightmare for those who have professional accounts and run a business on Instagram. Or the influencers and the celebrities that share personal content on this platform. Especially their direct sections that defiantly don’t want to share with others.

What are your options if you find yourself in this situation?

If you have not secured your account correctly, hackers will hack you within 15 minutes. You might suppose, how can they do that?

Hackers can use these ways to hack your account on Instagram:

  1. They can get a hold of your login information.
  2. Hackers might send you a convincing email that has a URL to a fake Instagram login page.

By clicking on it and entering your ID and password, they get your information right away. Never tap on a link sent to you via email anonymously.

  1. Always revoke access to the third-party apps that you don’t trust. Third-party apps acquire your personal information, and suspicious ones might get you in trouble.

What to Do If Your Instagram Account is hacked

It is better to react as soon as you find out that your account has been hacked. What can you do? We will inform you in the following part.

If your Instagram account is hacked, what should you do?

These ways will help you if you have been hacked on Instagram.

  • Using Instagram Recovery Account.

Go to the Forgot password section from Instagram. From there, you can enter your phone number or email address and request for Sending Login Link. After that, Instagram will email you to recover your account.

But in this case, some hackers might change your password. In that case, this option won’t work for you.

  • Report that you are being hacked on Instagram.

If the first step didn’t work, you have to report ID directly to the platform itself.

You have to navigate to the webpage, and from there, fill in a form with all your account details, and then you have to select this option: “My account was hacked.” then click on the Request Support.

What to Do If Your Instagram Account is hacked

Instagram will require more information for the security, which are as follows:

  1. The site will send you a code.
  2. They will ask you to take a picture of yourself holding a piece of paper with the code (it is better to take a selfie).
  3. Furthermore, you have to show your original email address or phone number that you have used for the hacked account.
  4. If everything goes well, Instagram will identify and verify you as the owner of the lost account, using your pictures.
  • Check Your Login Activity in the setting.

It is good to have a look at this part. Check this section whenever you can to ensure no one is using your account and there is no suspicious activity.

It will display the date and time of each login. And if you don’t remember the times and dates, from now on, pay attention to the details closely.

Also, if you have noticed that you follow accounts that you don’t remember accepting, the pictures you didn’t post, or the DMs you didn’t send, take it seriously because your account has been lost.

What to Do If Your Instagram Account is hacked

How can you prevent hackers have access to your account information?

In this part, we have added some professional tips for you to secure your account and avoid hacking.

  • Turn on Two-Factor Authentication.

You can go to the settings and enter a specific login code to confirm your login every time you (or other users) attempt to go onto Instagram from a device that this platform does not identify.

Instagram has announced two-factor authentication methods you can use to provide your account’s safety.

  1. Text message codes from your mobile phone.
  2. Login codes are sent by a third-party authentication app.
  • Verify your phone number and email address in your account settings.

Whenever you change your phone number or your email address, you have to change and verify them in the Instagram setting to prevent unpleasant happening.

  • Change your password to a more secure.

Picking a strong and secure password, not the common ones you use for your phone, is essential, and it might guarantee your safety on Instagram.

You can sometimes change your email password. It is a good way of protecting your email.

What to Do If Your Instagram Account is hacked

  • Pay attention to Instagram’s notification.

Instagram always alerts you important notifications and suspicious acts in your account. Also, pay attention to your email’s notification, and in case of unauthorized logging, change your pass.

Long story short

You have to secure all your accounts on the social network. Instagram is more important since it has become one of the main reasons we check our phones!

As long as other apps provide our safety, we also have to take care of ours too. There are always hackers and naughty users that want to make trouble for others. We should prevent these happenings by following some simple steps.

If you got hacked or something, do not be terrified. There are some ways that you can take your account back. We hope you are safe in the Instagram exploring.


Have you ever got hacked by hackers? What did you do? Could you take back your account? Please share your experience with us.

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