10 Best Instagram Fitness Accounts for Motivation


Nowadays, fitness is one of the most followed topics on Instagram. People love being slim and fit, and they do love working out.

Most people just want to seem beautiful, especially for posing on Instagram, but some try to be healthy, and besides their look, they care about their body health.

Back then, you could make a couple of stretching moves and follow the simple movements of sports coaches on TV.

But everything has got professional in 2022. Today, our definition of being fit and doing exercise has been changed.

Professional people are working and studying in this field, and they are giving others information and accurate knowledge about how to be fit and how to exercise.

10 best Instagram fitness accounts for motivation

Many influencers are active on Instagram and post their daily routine to inspire other people.

You can check the following part if you are looking for these pages and inspiration to be more healthy and fit.

Here, we have mentioned some of the best fitness influencers on Instagram. If you want to get familiar with them, just read this article till the end.

10 best Instagram fitness accounts that will motivate you!

For those days you need a slide push to get up and go to the gym, or for those days you lack motivation, we recommend following these pages and seeing their daily posts and routines that they share with us.

Well, it is true that you don’t have the same spirit every day, and you need some fuel sometimes.


When it comes to fitness, you always remember a name: the Rock! He is a fitness hero. He always motivates his fans and his audience to work hard to get what they want.

If you need a kick in the ass to go to the gym or work out, you might need to follow this page!

10 best Instagram fitness accounts for motivation


She has started her career as a bikini model, but she fell in love with being fit beside her job in modeling. So she began to work hard at the gym and make a healthy body. She increased her weight from 95 lb to 120 lb of lean muscle.

She entered a variety of competitions and won some of them in 2013. Not only that, but she follows a special diet, and she takes her workout seriously.

Michelle Lewin shares pictures of herself on Instagram and motivates other people interested in being fit.

10 best Instagram fitness accounts for motivation


Ana Cheri is 31 years old, and she is from South California. She began as an unknown girl sharing images and fitness tips on Instagram.

After her fame on Instagram, local brands began to offer her. But fitness and working out are as necessary as modeling for Ana.

You can check her posts on her account to be more inspired.

10 best Instagram fitness accounts for motivation


Jeff Cavaliere is a trainer who shares new moves and other things with his audience on Instagram.

He really focuses on his exercise and shares its videos on Instagram. You can see his workout videos on his page and see the actual fitness moves.

10 best Instagram fitness accounts for motivation


Ebenezer Samuel is a trainer who posts new workout moves every week. You can follow them and train your muscles in a good way. All his moves are based on actual knowledge.

10 best Instagram fitness accounts for motivation


Anllela Sagra is a Colombian fitness model and bodybuilder. She is 24 years old, and she preferred to build a skinny body rather than a muscular one.

But after a while, she changed her way and entered fitness modeling. You can see her daily posts and workouts on her Instagram page.

10 best Instagram fitness accounts for motivation


Ulisses Jr from New York City has taken a strong interest in fitness since he was a schoolboy. He competed in football and athletics.

He won the 2000 Platinum Classic NYC. And it was his first significant success. In 2013, he became a trainer and tried to help others achieve their goals in bodybuilding.

10 best Instagram fitness accounts for motivation


If you are looking for accessible workout moves, I recommend Emily’s page. She shares so many activities that even beginners can follow and enjoy training.

She has her own fitness app, which helps everyone reach their fitness goals.

10 best Instagram fitness accounts for motivation


If you want to follow an account that makes you more assertive with its unprecedented moves, you can follow Marcus Filly. He was a cross-fitter, and now he is a great bodybuilder trainer on Instagram.

10 best Instagram fitness accounts for motivation


Kayla Itsines is a private trainer from Australia. She owns one of the most successful fitness apps called Sweat with Kayla.

She started her workout when she was a teen and realized she loved being a trainer.

After she posted her first photos on Instagram, went popular, and you can check her post to get some inspiration.

10 best Instagram fitness accounts for motivation

In closing

There are so many fitness influencers on Instagram who post daily workouts and simple moves for everyone to follow and be more healthy or start their healthy habits.

We have mentioned the best of them to follow and get some motivation. But you have to be careful to follow the best pages. Some, so many fake trainers are sharing low qualified content.

As you know, working out can be as damaging as not working out if it is not based on knowledge.


Follow these accounts to stay healthy and fit, and please let us know which sport you are into the most.

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