10 Best Instagram Travel Accounts to Follow


The first thing that pops into mind when it comes to travel is taking beautiful photos. And what is the best app for sharing these photos?

Yes, defiantly Instagram.Instagram

Saving the fantastic moments of great travel and sharing it can be the best idea to create an account on this visual platform.

People love seeing the places they have never been to, and these pictures attract them.

Are you searching for the best accounts which are posting photos of their adventures? Or do you want to see some samples to get inspired and start your own influencing?

10 Best Instagram Travel Accounts

In both conditions, this paper is for you. We have mentioned some of the best Travel accounts on Instagram that you can look up to or enjoy the stunning pictures of their camping or other stuff.

Stay with us on this beautiful and mesmerizing journey.

10 best Travel Accounts on Instagram to Follow:

In the next paragraph, we mention some of these unique accounts. You can follow them, and besides getting green, enjoy the atmosphere and fulfill your wanderlust.


She is one of the first accounts I followed on Instagram because of her personality. As you know, only sharing pictures doesn’t matter, and it is good to know how to treat your followers.

Liz’s posts are mostly from New Zealand, and it’s mostly about this wonderful country and its outdoors.


She is one of the inspiring ladies who left everything behind and started traveling. I personally love this kind of act, but I wouldn’t dare! Do you?

Kiersten Rich’s account is about her lifestyle and experience. So it is worth taking a scan.

10 Best Instagram Travel Accounts


Daniel is a photographer, and he shoots mesmerizing pictures from the countries like Russia, Japan, and Norway.

It is no wonder he has 1 million followers. Just look at his fantastic posts on the Gram!


He is originally from Saudi Arabia, which his eastern princess look represents. He lives in London and wants to become a full-time traveler on Instagram.

Ali posts pictures of luxury hotels, and he is a professional photographer.


OMG! I can’t even describe how much I love his post; it makes me want to be there and see places like this one. Andy’s pictures are breathtaking, and they are so Fab!


You can actually breathe with the pictures. Jennifer Tuffen is a British traveler, and she is exploring the best cultural natures. Check her post to refresh your breath.

10 Best Instagram Travel Accounts


He is from Hamburg, and he posts breathtaking images almost every day of beautiful countries like Thailand, Maldives, etc.


You can find some of the finest shots of Instagram on this account! Tatler Asia yearns to share inspiring travel experiences, and he is doing it creatively.


Its previous username was @doyoutravel. The creative usernames personally attract me, and this is one of them! Do you travel? Mmm… Yeah, sometimes!

He is a talented photographer and one of the best travel influencers on Instagram. Jack Morris travels with his girlfriend, and they are an example of a fantastic couple. You can see his taken shots on his page.


Actually, he was a Chinese teacher, but he knew that it wasn’t his dream. So he searches his path in traveling and now looks at him.

After he started photography and traveling, his followers became more and more. Now he travels globally, and you can see his amazing shots on his Instagram account.

I think it is enough! There are many travel influencers on Instagram, and if we want to mention all of them here, you will get bored!

10 Best Instagram Travel Accounts

But you can find other influencers and travelers on Instagram using related hashtags like #travel #traveler #Photographer #Nature

To put it bluntly

Travel influencing is one of the best ideas you can follow on Instagram. There are lots of users doing this profession in their own way. If you want, you can start your own influencing in your way.

Just look at these pages and see how they post or communicate. I’m sure you will find your way and become successful.

Do you know any other travel influencer we didn’t mention, and you like?


If yes, please mention their Instagram username to add them to this list! (Are you ready for an adventure?)

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