Top 100 Models on Instagram to Follow: Male & Female


As you know, Modeling is one of the most money-making businesses globally. People love to be models and always follow the news, the latest trends, and anything related to the modeling and fashion field.

There are so many girls and boys that wish to be a model and work in modeling businesses.

Do you know how you can be a model?

  • First, you have to choose the type of model you want.
  • Research the famous agencies specializing in your niche and have a reputation in their field.
  • Apply to the agencies you have found.
  • You have to learn and practice poses and catwalks to a high standard.

These are just simple steps to become a model, but we all know that there are many other things to do, and it isn’t that easy.

We have various types of Modeling, which are divided into 10 main types:

  1. Fashion model
  2. Runaway model
  3. Swimsuit & Lingerie Model
  4. Commercial Model
  5. Fitness Model
  6. Parts model
  7. Fit model
  8. Promotional model
  9. Glamour model
  10. Print model

Before anything, you need to find out which category you are interested in and then do everything we mentioned above.

Top 100 Models on Instagram to Follow: Male & Female

The Top 100 Male and Female models on Instagram to Follow

Anyways, people love following models on Instagram to find out about their professional and personal lives. In this section, we will add the top 100 models that are successful on Instagram too.

Table 1

Kendall JennerMatthew Noszka
Gigi HadidWinnie Harlow
Cara DeLevigneAndre Hamann
Chrissy TeigenMiranda Kerr
Bella HadidDoutzen Kroes
Emily RatajkowskiDavid Gandy
Naomi CampbellMegan Crabbe
Hailey BaldwinJon Kortajarena
Tyra BanksAdriana Lima
Jourdan DunnTobias Frericks

Table 2

Pia MuehlenbeckLiu Wen
Natasha OakleyClark Bockelman
Cindy BrunaCindy Kimberly
Mathilde TantotRob Evans
Chuck Junior AchikeJordyn Woods
Sean O’PryFrankie Bakhtiari
Lucky Blue SmithJohannes Huebl
Miles McMillanKarlie Kloss
Maria BorgesDavid Gandy
Sung Jin ParkAshley Graham

Table 3

Pamela AlexandraJordan Barrett
RockyEdward Wilding
Jon KortajarenaRaf Miller
Neels VisserCindy Mello
Pietro BoselliLiz Turner
Lucky Blue SmithKellie Brown
Cameron DallasJenah Yamamoto
Duckie ThotLisa-Marie Schiffner
Bear DegidioDevin Brugman
Francisco LachowskiWilly Cartier

Table 4

Marlon TeixeiraRiverViiperi
Landon FalgoustKindly Myers
Presley GerberJessica Wilde
Rain DoveYanet Garcia
Demi RoseAudreyana Michelle
Tomas GuarracinoTammy Hembrow
Garrett NeffJen selter
Alexandre CunhaSarah Stephens
Lameka FoxMinahil
Alina BaikovaRaven Lyn

Table 5

Alex FrankelOoey Gooy
Ashley SkyTerence Telle
Jimena SanchezSean Opry
Jeremy MeeksMatthew Noszka
Tevin “Milo” EvansBroderick Hunter
Rasheed YusuffChris Garafola
Ashley GrahamMichael B. Jordan
Chantel ZalesNick Bateman
Colleen ElizabethGabby Westbrook
Ronald EppsFrancisco Lachowski

Here we have mentioned top Male and Female models that you have to follow, on Instagram if you want to get inspired and know about their daily routine.

We have added various types of models, from Victoria’s Secret models to less familiar ones, even you can find plus-size male and female models. So it is up to you which one is your favorite.

Modeling is one of the most popular businesses that has attracted lots of girls and boys. In the past, there were so many strict rules and “Standards” for being a model, especially for women.

Top 100 Models on Instagram to Follow: Male & Female

In the end

As time passes, we all know that there are so many faces, body shapes, and other elements for each person. These differences make everything more beautiful.

And now we see so many brands using people in different shades and shapes, even with some bold features like the skin depigmentation condition vitiligo in their faces and bodies, as their models.

So if you want to become a model, there are so many ways that you can find your own way to put your step into this fancy world.

To help you be familiar with more models, we have mentioned 100 males and females who are most popular on Instagram.


Which one of these models did you know? And which one is your favorite? Please share your opinion with us in the below section.

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