How to View Account insights on Instagram? (Posts & Stories)


Instagram’s insight is available only for professional accounts. It helps them access their account data and observe the strength and flaws of their activity.

This great platform is making tools for professional accounts for their improvement. This feature is one of the most critical tools of Instagram for those who run a business or own a brand and have their marketing on this platform.

This data and analytics help you measure the effects of your business attempt and allow you to see if there’s something you need to change or to do in another way and improve it.

If you create an account for a business on Instagram, you realize that this feature is essential for you, and it helps you with the growth of your marketing like an artificial assistant.

Through this data, you’ll be able to indicate what your followers like and attract the most, which will lead to improving your Instagram programs.

how to view account insight on Instagram

How to view insight on Instagram?

No, let’s see where this essential data is placed and how we can access them. By following these simple moves,

You will be able to find your account’s insight:

  1. Navigate to your profile.
  2. Select the Insights action icon.

If you want to have access to more details, you can follow the structure below:

  1. Tap on the menu in the right corner of your home page.
  2. Choose insight.
  3. Under the Overview section, click on the specific content you’ve shared for more detailed information.

You can see the data within the Instagram insight in each post on Instagram.

The steps are so simple, all you have to do is:

  1. First, tap on one of your posts.
  2. Select “View Insights” to see analyzed data for your post.

How to have access to insight from the Instagram web page?

At first, to access Instagram to the insight, make sure you have connected your Instagram account (Professional account) to a Facebook Page.

But can you have access to Instagram insight directly through the Instagram webpage? The answer is a no, but you can use other related sites for this purpose.

Observing your data in the insight section requires your Instagram app and logging into your professional account. That’s it.

It works for iPhone and Android users, and the steps are the same for their device.

How to view account insight on Instagram

Which data can you have access through the Insight section?

You can see 3 tabs in the insight section. There is critical information for each of your account’s part in each of them.

  • Activity

In this tab, the Interactions’ part shows you information about:

  1. Profile visits: this is each time when users have visited your profile.
  2. The number of clicks: each time your website link in the business account bio was seen.
  3. Reach part: the number of users who viewed your shared posts and stories.
  4. Impressions: this is the number of views of all your shared content.
  • Content

In the Content tab part, you can see how your content and advertisements are performing. You can organize the measuring by content type, date range, and metric type.

  • Audience

In this section, according to its name, you will have more information about your audience. You can see top locations (cities and countries), age range, and gender.

Besides all of these, you can see when your followers are online on Instagram, plus the days they are more active in a week.

This part requires at least 100 followers to show such data and analysis for you.

The data make it easier for you to understand where your followers are from and when they are online, so you can distinguish whether you are reaching your target audience.

How to view account insight on Instagram

Instagram stories insight

You can access insights for your stories in 2 ways:

  1. From the Insights homepage.
  2. Or directly from an individual story post.

If you navigate to the Insights homepage, you see all the stories that you have shared for the past 2 weeks. But this only shows data in totality, and you can’t click on each story individually.

For observing the data individually, just tap on the stories you have shared within 24 hours and see the analysis directly and for each one.


Instagram’s account insight is a great assistant for you to observe the analysis and data gathered from your and your audience’s activity.

Instagram provides this free tool for professional accounts to help with their business and marketing.

As you know, reviewing the analysis of your account’s activity causes better performance. Why? Because you can see: your followers’ favorite content, their online times, and your engagement rate for each part of your account.

Use this feature to learn more about your audience and their information to be more successful and make better moves to expand your business.

There might be more options added to this feature lately because Instagram tries to take care of its users that have professional accounts.

Would you please share your ideas and opinion about this handy tool?

Please write it down in the comment section if you have anything to add about Instagram insight.

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