How to Be on The Instagram “Explore Page” In 2022?


The Instagram Explore page is one of the definite borders for organic reach.

After the Instagram feed, its exact-designed algorithm has gotten really fine at offering people the content they might be interested in.

Still, the algorithm is constantly changing and learning to identify the content based on user interests. It also tries to identify problems and tends to fix them.

The algorithm promotes new formats to keep people connected with the same interest and hobbies and tries to make a positive community for everyone using Instagram.

The advantages of appearing in Explore include likely points in their reach, appearances, and sales for professional accounts.

It’s a place to grow your audience, develop your profession, and build engagement.

Together, we will learn about the right and efficient ways to be on the Explore page. But before all, let’s know more about the exploring tab.

How to be on the Instagram explore page in 2022?

What is the Exploring tab on Instagram?

The Instagram Explore page is a set of users’ photos, videos, and Reels which leads to help each Instagram user discover accounts, hashtags, or posts they might be interested in.

This tab, by its algorithms, tries to develop and expand our community and discover the things or accounts we like more and more.

Instagram says it wants to improve everything we see on the explore tab with artificial intelligence.

According to the company, posts are chosen based on the elements like your followings or the posts you like.

You can find The Instagram Explore page by tapping on the magnifying glass icon in the main menu beside your feed and profile page.

At the top of the feed, users can search for accounts, hashtags, and places.

Instagram also added the keyword searches recently to search beyond usernames and hashtags.

While clicking on content in the Explore tab, it opens up an attached series of content related to that photo or video.

So based on these facts, Instagram should have an advanced and updated algorithm to do all these works. In the next part, we will go through the way it works.

How to get on the explore page based on the algorithm?

200 million users check Instagram every day in 2022. So it is a great platform to represent your business on it and gain more followers or higher your engagement.

Every user has a particular explore page. Yes, exploring pages is different because everyone likes or watches additional content and follows other accounts.

In this system, unlike your feed, posts are shown based on user’s activity on Instagram.

How to be on the Instagram explore page in 2022?

In general, the selection of posts on each Instagrammer’s Explore tab is based on:

  • The users that someone already follows
  • What the people that follow an account like
  • Types of posts an account likes or views with often high engagement

Does its benefit business or creator accounts?

Sure it does. Instagram has announced that the explore section helps professional accounts see and develop themselves. It is critical for business accounts, and they have to use it properly.

What are the benefits of being in the explore tab?

Being on explore tab has lots of benefits for you and your business or brand.

These are:

  • Wider audiences will see the content you have shared.
  • It is a follower booster. In case you share eye-catching content, people with the same interest will find and follow you.
  • being on the explore tab will increase your engagement rate.
  • Helps you to have interaction with different users besides your followers.
  • It will boost your sale rate because more users will see your products on the explore tab.

Use these tips to be on the explore page more:

  1. Identify the target audience that you want and try to gain them.
  2. Share entertaining and eye-catching content.
  3. Use distinguished formats, like Reels.
  4. Encourage your followers to interact more with your posts.
  5. Share your content when your followers are online.
  6. Trace your analytic using Instagram insight.
  7. Use relevant hashtags in every post that you share.
  8. Don’t use other apps to get followers or likes. Be authentic.

Using all these tips will help you be on the explore tab and be seen more than your competitors.

If you pay attention to all of them, you will develop your account quicker and smoother. It doesn’t count how much time you spend expanding your business account, and the efficient work matters the most.

How to be on the Instagram explore page in 2022?

Well, speak of time! Another vital tip to increase your engagement using the explore part is making content that the audience spends more time seeing or saving.

The more time people stay on your content, the more you will be on their explore tab. Instagram is all about engagement so pay attention to these tips to be more successful.


Explore tab is as crucial as ads; with a slight difference, it is free!

So you have to try your best to use this fantastic platform to increase engagement rate and boost your followers. Using all the tips that we mentioned above will be a significant help for you.

But you have to know that Instagram’s algorithm isn’t steady. It changes and improves itself using the data received from people on Instagram. So keep yourself updated and share amazing content.

In the end, make sure you are progressing using the information in the insight.


If you have any difficulties or inquiries, we are here to answer. Have you ever used any of these tips? Was it efficient? Please share your views with us in the comment below

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