Most Creative Brand Accounts on Instagram in 2022


Instagram has grown from a photo-sharing platform to a vast business and marketing forum attracting famous, popular, and local brands.

There are lots of handy abilities for professional accounts on Instagram. Therefore, most brand owners are interested in creating an account and keep attracting new people.

  • There are over 25 million brand accounts on Instagram, and the exciting point is that 80% of users are following at least one of them.
  • If you consider the top 100 brands globally, 90% of them have an account on Instagram.

So as you see, Instagram got something that everyone wants to or has to make a profile for their brands.

In this article, we want to introduce some creative brand accounts on Instagram which are innovative, so if you’re going to make a profile for your brand, you can look up to these pages and get inspired.

Stay with us to see the most creative brand pages on Instagram.

Most Creative Brand Accounts on Instagram in 2022

Most creative brand accounts on Instagram in 2022

As Instagram has turned into an excellent sales machine, we wanted to introduce some of the best pages in this field. In the following part, you can see the best and most creative brand accounts.


This is an American digital media company with 300K followers on Instagram. They post so much creative and eye-catching content, and you can get inspired by their content and the way they run their account.


It is a clothing brand for men and women, and they are on Instagram posting about the environment and inspiring their audiences to pay attention to the outdoors. They are not focusing on creatively posting about their products.


Boheme Goods is also a clothing brand that posts contrast elements in its photos. The feed is entirely visual, but they also write great captions to balance their content.

They keep their feed visual and straightforward, which can be an inspiration for those interested in this style.

Most Creative Brand Accounts on Instagram in 2022


Shopify is an e-commerce forum that allows anyone to start an online store. They are the biggest and the most customizable platform on the app store.

They keep posting textual content with information that helps readers ask questions about their brands and activities.

Not only that, but they use storytelling techniques to interact with their followers and audiences, and they are pretty good at it.


Mother is an independent, innovative company with offices in London, New York, Los Angeles, and Shanghai. As you can see in their posts on Instagram, they have chosen a creative way to interpret their services, and they are killing it.

On Instagram, they are showcasing their projects, and at the same time, they share creative design perspectives.


Another inspiration brand account on Instagram with 1 million followers. They use visual elements to keep their followers interested. They sometimes post photos that take up more than one square in the grid. As you know, this is one of the best ways to design your feed.

Most Creative Brand Accounts on Instagram in 2022


Etsy is my favorite on the list with its vintage feed style. Their account is a showcase for the work of creative, independent designers.

If you have not heard of them, I recommend following them and getting inspired by their fantastic posting style, and the number of their followers shows that they are nailing it.


This is a famous brand all around the world. You definitely have heard about Smeg or might use one of its best-designed and qualified products.

They have chosen Instagram to represent their products, posting eye-catching content. They picked a special color for posting at least 9 posts, making their feed so harmonic.


It is everything related to interior design, and they invite their followers to shop in the feed. And what a feed!

They share photos on the feed by color. For example, they create a rainbow effect on the page. These creative moves make people love their products and be more eager to buy them.

Most Creative Brand Accounts on Instagram in 2022


Speaking of food? Shake Shack has designed a feed based on their brands’ logo, which is green. Look at their highlight covers and posts’ colors. They are all in great harmony and consistency.

Designing a feed based on your logo’s color and the theme is expected, but not old-fashioned. You can always use this trick to make a perfect account for your brand.

Taking everything into account

Instagram can be a great help to represent your brand correctly on a universal platform. You have a variety of target audiences and so many exciting tools for designing a beautiful and costume-friendly account.

If you make a creative account and share content based on a steady schedule, you will be one of the accounts in these lists shortly.


Are you inspired enough? So why are you waiting? Create an account for your brand and comment your username to check your posts.

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