How to Calculate Engagement Rate on Instagram


When we talk about engagement rate, it mostly reminds us of Instagram. Because this social media reminds us to calculate our engagement, it provides some tools for us to make this process easier.

Instagram is a great social media with lots of users around the world. Most marketers and business owners want to be on this platform and expand their business through this app.

As you know, this is important for every social marketing or business to take care of their engagement rate and improve it. Growing your account and also your business or marketing depends upon this issue.

Measuring your improvement by interacting with your audience is so significant on Instagram. The more you interact, the more you’ll be successful.

But you have to consider that it is not about just interacting with your audience and followers. It is something beyond them.

How to Calculate Engagement Rate on Instagram

We have mentioned engagement rate a thousand times, but we didn’t define it. Before any other information, let us know what exactly engagement rate is and how we can define it?

What is the engagement rate?

In social media, engagement rate is a method that scales the number of interactions your content receives depending on reach, competitors, or the industry at large.

On Instagram, this can contain interactions as likes, comments, mentions, or sharing content.

The engagement rate shows that audiences like reading and seeing content on Instagram. So they share it, comment on it, and like it, or even search for it.

This shows that users are interested in this content.

Why is calculating engagement rate important?

Instagram’s engagement rates are about “view and being viewed.” People become your followers because your business, marketing, or brand is leading, you’re known in their social circle, or you produce and share valuable products and content.

When people follow you, they expect something in return. They don’t follow you for increasing your engagement rate.

They might follow you for your great content or product, so you have to continue this way and do even better to keep them.

All in all, these points answer why engagement rate is essential.

How to Calculate Engagement Rate on Instagram

So why is it essential for us to calculate our engagement rate?

Knowing all these data makes you improve your social media and expand your business. It helps you to estimate your progress and data so that you can analyze it better.

It enables you to know which content or product your follower is more satisfied with or not.  Now let’s see how we can gather this data.

How to calculate our engagement rate on Instagram?

It is not something hard to find or a big secret, and everyone can have access to this data. On Instagram, it is more accessible, and you have more tools to measure your engagement rate.

Instagram offers you an in-app analytics tool, which is “insight.”

Besides this, we can offer you some formulas to measure it yourself.

What kind of metrics do you need to calculate your engagement rate?

Reactions, likes, comments, shares, saves, mentions, replies, Stories’ views, Get Directions, branded hashtags.

These are the factors that give you an accurate measurement.

This is a traditional formula to calculate your engagement rate based on your likes, comments, etc.


This is a formula that helps you find a general and total number of your engagement rate.

For a most detailed one, you can use another formula, which we mention here:

formula 2

Another more accurate measurement for calculating your engagement rate is calculating your views and reach.

If you want to calculate engagement rate based on your reach, the below formula might help you a lot.


I’m aware that you are enjoying this, so if you want to put a step further and measure this based on your followers, use the formula below and enjoy:

formula 4

Now, your issue might be: How can I find these numbers to put in this formula? The answer is your account’s Insight.

As I mentioned above, Instagram gives you access to all your data and provides an analytics tool for all its users.

Using these formulas, you can find all the data within this app and calculate your engagement rate.

Don’t worry if you are not a person who wants to do manual measures; there are some implements and apps that you can use to achieve this number.

But make sure they are authorized. We recommend Insight as always.

Now that we find out our engagement rate, how can we know it is good or not?

How to Calculate Engagement Rate on Instagram

What is an acceptable engagement rate?

All the experts in this field have mentioned that an engagement rate is between 1% to 5%. Based on the reports, in 2021 total engagement rate on Instagram is 4.59%.

So based on this number, you know what rate and number are reasonable. Consider the fact that if you have more followers, achieving this rate is more difficult for you. You and your team have to work more and reach this number.


Instagram is all about progress and development if you have a professional account and a business owner or marketer.

For being successful, you need all these data, and you have to track them accurately.

This article went through how you can measure and calculate your engagement rate. You just require some elements for this that we mentioned above.

If you have any probes, please ask us in the comment below. Which formula do you use to calculate your engagement rate on this platform?

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