Different Types of Ads on Instagram


Instagram is surly your favorite social platform (for many reasons) as an advertiser. And if you’re wondering how to make money on this popular platform, you might want to read this whole article among your competitors.

27% of users declare they discover new products and brands through Instagram ads, and over 1.2 million people over age 13 can reach ads on Instagram.

As data shows, and everyone knows, Instagram is one of the biggest platforms for advertising.

It has 1 billion users, and they follow at least 1 business account. Also, there are so many other reasons, but these 2 are the most important things that make marketers pay more attention to Instagram.

We want to know how to promote on Instagram practically, so stay tuned.

Different Types of Ads on Instagram

What is an Instagram Ad?

Instagram ads appear within the app, in users’ feeds, Stories, and other parts. They look just like usual posts, but they contain a “sponsored” label. They also mostly have more options than other posts, such as links and product catalogs.

Do you have to pay Instagram to use this option?

Definitely, you do. To use this incredible platform where everything is perfectly prepared for you to advertise and expand your business and marketing, you need to pay Instagram, but the price depends on some conditions.

Which we are mentioning below:

  1. Your audience
  2. Competitiveness of your business
  3. Special events of the year (costs often go high during holiday shopping like Black Friday, Cyber Monday)
  4. Placement (prices are different between ads on Facebook and ads on Instagram)

How many ad types do we have on Instagram?

Generally, you can choose between these sections and place your advertisement based on your aim and business goals:

  • Stories ads
  • Post ads
  • Collection ads
  • Explore ads
  • Shopping ads
  • Reels ads

Different Types of Ads on Instagram

In the next part, we will go through them and explain more about them.

  • Post ads

Posts ads contain single photos, videos, or colleagues. In each of them, you can use and put your ads.

Images are the best choice for ads; they take place in the feed, are more direct, and you can add the extra information in the caption. As you already discovered, they are most used among bloggers or social marketers for sharing ads, among the other options.

Videos are the type of ad that contains more information. Although you can post a 60 seconds ads video, we recommend making it shorter and more enjoyable, so your audience stays on the ad more.

You can use Carousel ads for introducing your new product or essential advertisements that you want to share as your showcase.

In each of the long ads item like a carousel or video, make sure you create them with all your and your team’s creativity. In this case, the risk of not being watched is a bit high if you don’t make eye-catching content.

  • Story ads

Stories on Instagram have over 500 million viewers every day, so considering this fact, you know how valuable it can be to post a story ad for your audience.

The engagement rate is more often higher than even post ads. So if you are waiting for the best engaging tool for marketing, you can find it easily in the story section.

Different Types of Ads on Instagram

If you want to have the most effective of your ads on the story part, make sure you post them as your other stories but with an “Ad” label or tag, which you can use the GIF to help you for this purpose.

The more your audience feels the same while seeing your ad, the better the effect. But do NOT forget the “Ad” label.

  • Collection ads

These ads show the product directly from the catalog. These are the best place for your ad if you own a brand on Instagram. If a user clicks on your advertisement, it will go straight to the Instagram shop.

It would be the best experience for both sides.

  • Explore ads

These ads are both photo and video-based, and they show up after clicking on content in the explore section. Since all the users of Instagram surely visit this part, ads are recommended here too.

  • Reels ads

No one can deny the importance and the popularity of reels. Everyone loves it, and it has lots of features and options to help us make the best advertisement to engage the users.

How can you know which ad you have to pick?

It depends upon lots of conditions. No one can exactly tell which one is better except yourself. Why? The reason is you are in charge of your business, and you know what your aim is and what kind of audience is your target or is interested in your content.

Different Types of Ads on Instagram

But choosing where and how to advertise can always be overwhelming, so you can ask an Instagram manager to take care of these issues, and since that person is an expert, you will get the best result.

All in all

Instagram is releasing updates to make a better and easier way for those who signed up for business and marketing reasons.

Also, these features are definitely going to improve in the former updates. Helping brands, businesses, and marketers is one of the primary goals of this platform.

If you want to know more about Instagram ads, check this article about Instagram ads effects. We’ve thoroughly gone through this topic and discussed ads’ effects and benefits on your business development.

So don’t miss the Instagram ads and their significant audience to expand and grow your social marketing better and smoother.

What do you think about Instagram ads? Which one is better and more useful? Please write your words down, so we can read them and respond.

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