Facts about Instagram in 2021-2022


As we get close to the end of the 2021 year, in this article, we want to discuss some exciting and somehow unknown and unshared facts about Instagram, so you can be more familiar with how it has worked in the past years.

Instagram has 1 billion users, and almost half of them are going online daily. So it is worth taking time and talk about this popular visual sharing content.

For most of us, social media, and of course Instagram, has become a part of our daily routine, especially those using these platforms for their business and marketing.

Some fascinating Instagram facts in 2021

  • Instagram, this popular platform, already has over a billion active users in 2021.
  • About 1000 photos are uploaded on Instagram every second.
  • The most-shared food on Instagram is pizza.
  • Near 80% of Instagram accounts are private users.
  • Women use Instagram more than men. (49% men, 51% women)
  • The stories feature have almost 500 million users every day.
  • More than 33% of Instagram users are between 25–34 ages.
  • 60% of users go online to find new products on this platform.
  • 42% of the users have a college degree or are college students.

Some more detailed facts about Instagram in 2021

In general, we want to discuss the changes and the purposes behind them over these past years.

The revolution of sharing content from photo to video

In the beginning, Instagram has focused on transferring pictures. In 2013, it announced the video feature, and less than an hour after this announcement, there were 5 million uploads of videos by users.

Over time, by adding the Reels and expanding the time of Instagram videos, this visual platform wants to focus more than before on videos.

Nowadays, videos are one of the top sharing content on Instagram. This year, people are watching videos on Instagram 80% more than any other time.

Facts about Instagram in 2021-2022

Instagram’s revolution from entertainment to business

Most of the platforms at the beginning were based on entertainment. But over time, Instagram changed its aim and released updates for making an accessible platform for business purposes.

Since the year 2017, Instagram has had 15 million business profiles, but right now, in 2021, this number has increased to 25 million!

17.61% of brands are willing to increase their advertising on Instagram in 2021. The reason is, near 20% of the users are going online to find new products.

According to studies, finding products are easy on the Gram. Even for purchasing, the phone users are having a smoother experience than other platforms. All the users on this visual platform are following at least one business account.

These numbers show the fact that Instagram is a swift and smooth media for selling and buying experiences.

Having more access to your data on your personal and business account

Additionally, with increasing the business or creative account among the users, Instagram provides a platform for analyzing your account’s data.

You can see your followers’ gender, age, and nation. And even you have access to your engagement rate. This ability will guide you to manage your account more efficiently.

About 60% of followers see your content in the feed. For some accounts, it will be more or less than this number. With this number of users seeing these posts, no wonder Instagram is such a great marketing platform.

What will be the general goal of Instagram in 2022?

The focus of sharing content won’t be just in the posts. With the new updates and features added recently in the stories section, the stories position might get more valuable and more important than it is now.

For being successful on Instagram, your content should be video-based. Also, you have to be authentic and creative because the number of compatriots is rising daily.

Just near 90% of all internet users outside the State are using Instagram. This is a considerable number.

Instagram Facts

If you decide to create a business account shortly, you must first acknowledge that you have chosen the best platform. On the other hand, you have to be prepared for a severe marketing competition.

Why is that?

Instagram, with its algorithm and artificial intelligence, guides the users to their favorite and needed shops. And also, even influencers with under 10,000 followers (micro-influencers) can make at least $88.00 for each post.

In a nutshell

Knowing all Instagram facts and information will help you to have a general view of the future of Instagram.

Whether you are a personal Instagram user or a business, you can explore this marketing app and find great products or develop your brand or business and marketing on it.

It is a win-win situation for both sides. Qualified marketers can offer their products, and the users, with Instagram’s algorithm help, can find them easily.

What do you think about Instagram’s future horizon? What is your goal and purpose for using this platform?

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