How to Hide a Story From Someone on Instagram? (In 3 Different Methods)


Instagram stories are fun to make and to see. You can find yourself hours watching all the stories that your followers have posted. Also, you always want to take pictures of something and post them in your story section.

You can impress your crush with a beautiful story! And if you own a brand or run a business, you know the worth of stories on Instagram.

As you know, stories are one of the most used features on Instagram. More than 500 million people share at least 1 story per day.

With all this information, you understand the importance of Stories. Meanwhile, some users don’t want some people to see their stories. They want to share personal stuff, or it may have other reasons.

You are lucky if you are like these users who don’t want everyone to see their content on the story section! Instagram has the feature to hide your story from whomever you want, and they won’t even notice.

How to Hide a Story From Someone on Instagram?


Instagram cares about its users’ privacy, so no wonder we have this option on this fantastic platform. Here we will mention all the ways you can hide your stories from a user (or even more) so if you like to find out, let’s continue.

How can you hide your story from someone on Instagram?

You can hide your stories from anyone you want. There is no limitation here. We are going to discuss all the ways and make this all clear for you in the following passage.

Hide your Instagram stories from a user:

On your Instagram, in the search section, find the person and then do the steps below:

  1. On the user profile, tap on the 3 dots in the upper part of the screen.
  2. You will see many choices, one of them is “Hide Your Story.”
  3. Select that option from the menu, and your story will be hidden from this user.

This is a simple, quick way to hide a user and share anything you want on your stories comfortably.

How to Hide a Story From Someone on Instagram?

Hide your Instagram stories from many users:

This is a bit different, but it is simple. If you want to bulk users, this is a great way and becomes handy in this situation. Follow the guidance to hide nosy people!

  1. Tap on the three horizontal lines to see the setting tab on your profile page.
  2. Go to the setting section and then find “Privacy.”
  3. On the opened menu, find “Story.”
  4. You can see a section named “Hide Story From.” beneath it, select “People.”
  5. Now find all the users that you want to hide your stories from by their username.
  6. Android users must tap on the arrow after they are finished.
  7. iPhone users must tap on “Done” to complete their list.

Using these 2 methods, you can hide as many users as you want and share your stories.

How to Hide a Story From Someone on Instagram?

Will the users find out that you’ve hidden your stories from them?

According to Instagram privacy, the users won’t find out that you have hidden your stories, but after you hide your story, your highlights will be gone too! So if they suddenly see your profile page and find out the highlights are gone, they might suspect that you have to hide your stories from them.

I hope in the subsequent updates, Instagram solves this problem! So we can easily hide anyone we want! But still, don’t think about it too much and feel comfortable hiding other users.

You can also make a Close Friend List and limit the people you want to share your stories with. In this case, your highlights would still be there if someone visited your profile!

If you want to have more info about the Close Friend list on Instagram, check this article. We have entirely discussed it.

How to Hide a Story From Someone on Instagram?

Overall, it may be said

Instagram is the most used app among people, especially teens, and for that, the managers of Instagram always try to put its users’ privacy first. In this paper, you read about hiding Instagram stories from someone or a group of people.

We brought 2 different ways which are so simple to help you in this way. And also, do NOT forget about the “close friend list” on Instagram. It is a great feature to limit your followers!


Please let us know if you find this paper helpful in the comments. And if you know the other ways, please mention them in the below section.

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