How to Change your Instagram Username? Is it Good For Your Account?


Instagram has been one of the most widespread apps globally, and it is almost one of the oldest social media apps. People have been using this great app since 2012 and share their moments on their accounts.

Instagram has existed among us for a while since it has existed, so you might need some changes to your account that you created years ago. One of these changes that users are more eager to enable is changing the username. In this part, we will share everything you need to learn about changing your username on Instagram.

This paper will discuss how to change your username and the effects of changing your Instagram username on your engagement rate and gaining or losing followers.

How to change your Instagram username? Is it good for your account?

Choosing a good username for Instagram is vital, but changing it after a certain period can be tricky. So if you want to know all the information stay with us.

How to change your Instagram username?

Do you think your username has become old-fashioned? Or have some new ideas popped in your mind about catchy Instagram usernames?

So you might have read our article about Instagram username ideas for girls and boys, and you have chosen a good one? In all cases, if you want to revise your Instagram username, you can do it in a simple way.

To change your account’s username on Instagram, follow the steps below:

  1. Head to the Instagram app.
  2. Tap on your profile image and go to your home page.
  3. Select the “Edit Profile” option. Under the “Name” section, you can see “Username.”
  4. Tap on your current username, and your keyboard will pop up.
  5. Now you can enter your new Instagram username and then put your finger on the checkmark in the top right of your screen.

The only condition you can encounter is that another user has already chosen the username. If so, you have to try another one.

How to change your Instagram username

And one crucial point is that you can only change your username once within 14 days. So be careful to write a correct and proper one. What can you do if you have edited your Instagram username and made a mistake while writing it?

Can you change your Instagram username within 14 days? If you want to learn some tricks and tips on how you can change your Instagram username before 14 days, read this paper. It will be helpful for you.

Now you know how to change your username on Instagram. You might be willing to do it because you have adjusted your business, or you need to switch it to a more professional username and catch others’ attention.

Is it reasonable to change your Instagram username? What is the effect of changing your Instagram username on your engagement rate?

You might be on the fence about changing your Instagram username, and it might be the fear of the unknowns about the consequences that are holding you back. What happens to your profile, followers, and engagement after changing your Instagram username?

How to change your Instagram username? Is it good for your account?

After you change your Instagram username, your current profile that you have been promoting and linking to will basically be gone. All the tagged posts, likes, or comments from your old username will lead to this message: “User Not Found.”

You can reserve your username under 2 conditions:

  1. A new account hasn’t taken your old username on Instagram.
  2. It hasn’t been recently removed (within 14 days) from an Instagram account that you don’t own.

What are the effects of changing your Instagram username on your engagement rate?

If you have a business account, it is better to notify tour followers before making any changes to your username. You can alert them by sharing a story or a post on their feeds and tell them that you are making some changes.

After you have changed the Instagram username, essentially nothing happens to your engagement rate. It might be some confusion among your followers.

Still, your engagement rate would be the same, so your posts will be shown at the top of your loyal followers’ list.

How to change your Instagram username? Is it good for your account?

If you keep up your good process on this platform, nothing bad happens to your account. Notifying your followers and keeping your great strategy on Instagram will keep you safe during this important change.

What about the reports of losing followers after changing Instagram username?

Some users have reported losing followers and decreasing engagement rates after changing their Instagram usernames. This can be because when users search for your old username, they’ll get this alert “User Not Found.”

Theoretically, this could cause the person to unfollow your account because they think you are no longer active. So if you give them a heads up about changing your username, this won’t happen.

And the reason we said you need to keep up your Instagram strategy the same way you did before (and even more) is because it might take a few weeks for a google search engine or other searching engines to recognize your account. So don’t give up and continue till everything be like the first day.

How to change your Instagram username? Is it good for your account?

To sum it up

If you are confused about changing your Instagram username and have any questions about what happens after changing your Instagram account, reading this article is necessary for you.

We have talked about how you can change your Instagram username and what will happen if you change your username on Instagram. After changing the username, we also gave some tips to maintain your good engagement rate.


If you are in doubt and have more questions, you can ask us in the section below, and we will respond ASAP.

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