How to Find Instagram Influencers to Improve Your Marketing


The most important question that every marketer on Instagram asks and seeks the correct answers is how to find the Instagram influencer to cooperate with?

As you might have witnessed, there are lots of influencers on Instagram. According to data, there are 500,000 active influencers, which is a considerable number!

So it makes our work even harder to find influencers based on our goals. You have to pay attention to some points to discover the best influencers for your marketing.

One of the most challenging works for improving your marketing is finding the right influencers which: have your target audience, their tune, and personality look like your brand or business, and they have active, real, and loyal followers.

You are spending money on this marketing, so you have to search for the best result before doing anything.

How to find Instagram influencers on Instagram to improve your ,marketing

Considering this fact, let’s find out how to find the best influencer and cooperate with.

What elements do you have to consider while Finding Influencers on Instagram?

Before doing anything, as mentioned above, determine your parameter for an influencer. The elements that we mentioned are just real examples of everything you have to consider while finding the right influencer.

What are these elements? In the following part, we mention and discuss them ultimately.

  • Define your target audience

According to your business or brand’s reach, your target audience can be in various ranges.

For example, your target followers are definitely the same as a food blogger or food reviewer influencer if you own a restaurant.

Without considering the final decision, you have to understand your target audience. It will make the process easier for you.

How? If you comprehend your audience, you know where you can find them, or you will guess which influencers they are following, making the process smoother and quicker for you.

Although knowing your audience further information including, their average salary, their region, and their job, will be a significant help for you.

  • Your ideal Personality type for an influencer

Many people ignore this matter, but every brand has its personality. Brands are like clothes, as we have various types of clothes, we wear different types of them, it gives us other characters while trying new styles and fashion.

Professionals call this “Brand Voice.” All experts recommend marketers find an influencer with a compatible personality with your brand. This matter is so vital for your marketing to be successful.

How to find Instagram influencers on Instagram to improve your ,marketing

In the beginning, you can start with your followers, and if you have enough information about them, you are the winner in your marketing.

How to find influencers on Instagram?

This part will go through the best places to find influencers easily and based on your brands’ voice. The more you take this issue seriously, the better your marketing on Instagram will be.

  1. The influencers that your followers have followed

As mentioned before, your followers are the best source to find influencers related to your business. But if they are not related, at least their personality is similar to your marketing.

According to studies, people on Instagram follow the same popular pages or influencers.

Now, if you find your target influencers, check if they have interacted with you, or you have the same followed hashtags. In this case, you will know them and their personality, and you’ll have a general image of them.

  1. The influencers that your competitors’ have followed

Although if you find an influencer in this category, they might have cooperated with your competitors, it is better to check this category anyway.

The reason is, there might be some influencers that your competitors haven’t discovered, and they haven’t been cooperating.

Or another possibility is, the influencers have cooperated with them, but they were not satisfied with their services.

And the last reason is just finding out what your competitors are doing and are their plans for the future.

How to find Instagram influencers on Instagram to improve your ,marketing

  1. Search relevant hashtags to find Instagram influencers

The most important part of Instagram to find people or content you are looking for is the hashtag.

Instagram has designed this categorized and essential feature based on users’ engagement rate. So, top posts on a specific hashtag have the highest engagement rate among the others.

This is the most straightforward and recommended way for finding top bloggers on relevant content. All professional influencers use hashtags in their captions, so on Instagram, you can’t find the best searching tool like hashtags.

  1. Using marketing tools to find influencers

Several tools can help you find top and high engaged influencers. This is a great way to find which influencers are interested in your industry and their opinion.

This also works for those who are not interested in your business. Why is that?

You can discover the people that are not very interested in your products or services, but they need them.

After that, you can send them your products for free, and they will try them. If your guess was correct, and they require such a product or service, they will cooperate with you.

 Important tips

You have to check these 2 crucial points after choosing the influencers:

  • Check the performance of the influencers
  • Check for their fake followers & engagement

How to find influencers to improve your marketing on Instagram


In the world of competitions and marketing, the winner pays attention to the tips that help detect the best and the most successful influencers for developing their marketing.

Remember that the number of followers isn’t that important. You have to consider their engagement rate.

High followed, and highly rated influencers cost you an arm and a leg! So choose them based on your budget.


If you have other tips and ideas about this topic, please share them with us in the comment section. We are waiting to hear from you.

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