Best Instagram Analytics Tools: Free & Paid


Using the Instagram application for business and marketing is going viral every day. People love using this platform for business purposes and use it more often than other platforms.

Instagram has provided so many options and tools for marketers; this is why people are more comfortable using this visual platform.

Recently, Instagram has announced a feature called “Insight” for its professional accounts to have more access to their data and analyses for their procedure and their followers.

But besides this impressive feature, other apps and tools can help us examine our development on Instagram.

Significantly, you leverage the options of Instagram for your business and marketing, but once you start, it might be problematic sometimes to truly analyze your success or failure.

Without the correct analyses, you’ll never know if your effort is effective or not. So it would be better if you had some extra tools or apps for gaining this data.

Instagram analytics tools

There are many analytics tools to help you keep track of your progress on Instagram. Here, in the next part, we will introduce the best apps and tools to make analyses easy and accessible for you. So let’s dive in.

What are the Best Free Instagram Analytics Tools?

As mentioned above, this platform has a metric tool itself. We have discussed it entirely in our previous articles, so we just focus on other tools.

We have chosen 5 amazing free tools to help you in your progress on Instagram:

  1. Iconosquare
  2. Union Metrics
  3. Crowdfire
  4. Squarelovin
  5. SocialBakers
  6. Pixlee

Let’s get familiar with each of them and the tools that they offer you on their platform.

  1. Iconosquare

This is a three-in-one Instagram metric for social media marketing. The platform allows you to schedule your new posts, observe what people are saying about your brand or business, and the most important one, track your Instagram data.

This app even shows how the engagement rate of your stories. Iconosquare contains hashtags and allows marketers to compare themselves with their competitors.

Best Instagram Analytics Tools

  1. Union Metrics

The next app doesn’t have a tool for analyzing Instagram for free, but Union Metrics offers you an Instagram checkup every month for free.

The mentioned checkup tells you to use hashtags that will increase your engagement, shows you which posts have performed the best with your audience and the time your followers are using Instagram.

  1. Crowdfire

Like others, this app provides a platform to schedule your posts and measure their performance in your audience feed. Crowdfire’s analytics features envision your Instagram data and progress in various charts.

The data show you how you’re performing over long periods on Instagram.

  1. Squarelovin

Squarelovin is a free Instagram metric, and it provides most of the information you need to observe and analyze your progress over one year.

You can receive a monthly analysis of your posts or other content that you have shared.

It shows you the most favorite data according to your followers’ interests and even the best post time.

  1. SocialBakers

Socialbakers offer critical information, despite its unpleasant design. This information includes your most liked and most commented on posts.

Additionally, it offers a Report, which compares your own Instagram account to competitors’. It helps you to acknowledge your strengths and weaknesses.

Best Instagram Analytics Tools

  1. Pixlee

Pixlee offers an efficient free tool that allows you to create reports that you can share with your entire marketing team and analyze data to detect how to upper your engagement rate and attract new audiences.

What are the Best Paid Instagram Analytics Tools?

These were some of the best free analytic tools for Instagram. In the following part, we will mention 2 paid ones and decide which one is better for you and your business.

  1. HubSpot Social Inbox

Using HubSpot’s Social Inbox helps you to combine your social inbox tool with your blog and enable you to share new content to your LinkedIn or other social channels automatically.

Moreover, you can create custom keywords to keep track of conversations toward your business and ensure you’re communicating with your followers and customers consistently.

  1. Sprout Social

You can use this app to grow and manage your Instagram performance. Sprout Social’s app allows you to analyze your Instagram metrics, including Instagram story engagement, follower growth, the performance of your posts, and last but not least, hashtag performance.

The price is $99 per user per month, which contains 30 days trial.

You can use the test to see if this app could help you with your performance or not.



Within Instagram, you have the insight option that allows you to observe your data on Instagram itself.

Insight is the best choice if you don’t like using third-party apps or pay for observing your progress.

In this part, we tried to bring the best ones, according to the users, so you can pick one and improve your progress.

Business and marketing need lots of care and observation. Collecting your performance data on platforms is essential for your brand.

If you have used any of these tools, please share your experience in the comment below.


Or, if you are using other apps, please mention their names, so we can add them to this article.

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