Top 10 Instagram Automation Tools 2022


Suppose you have a professional account on Instagram. In that case, you might have noticed that managing your account and responding to all comments or direct messages is taking so much time, and also it is boring sometimes.

You also have to do all these works on time to satisfy your audience and followers. Being on time and posting and sharing content regularly makes you seem more professional in your business or marketing.

Also, responding to your audiences and followers makes you more reliable and trustable. With all these facts, you now want to find a great assistant to help you manage your account in an advanced way.

What Is Instagram Automation Tool?

Some tools can help you to make this process easier and quicker. These are called automation tools which allow you to schedule your posts, likes, comments, and more. It can be a third-party app or software.

There are plenty of Instagram’s automation tools. But you have to use the legit ones and be careful not to lose your account’s data.

top 10 Instagram automation tools

So you have to choose wisely and select the best ones, so you won’t face Instagram’s strict rules for using third-party apps.

Here we introduce some tools and apps that can be helpful for you and improve your account.

What are the Best Instagram Automation Tools?

There are many automation tools, and most of them look alike, but in this part, we have added the best of them that you can use, and they will help you more efficiently.

  1. Kicksta

Kicksta tool focuses on the growth of your Instagram account. It uses artificial intelligence technology to create more engagement.

It won’t gain followers for you because it doesn’t have bots, but this tool helps you engage with real users to build your community organically.

Kicksta supports live chat and multiple accounts, and it has great analytics tools.

  1. Agorapulse

Agorapulse is a social media management software. You can use it to program your Instagram posts, organize them to publish when you want to.

It also supports scheduling posts for other apps, and it makes detailed reports for your activity on social media.

Instagram automation tools

  1. Ingramer

Ingramer is an Instagram automation tool that makes it easy to send direct messages, follow or unfollow users, like posts, find the best hashtags, schedule posts, and automatically comment on your target audience’s posts.

You also can find loyal followers using the features of this tool.

Since it increases your followers, you have to be careful using this option. Instagram might detect you as a bot and ban you.

  1. SocialPilot

SocialPilot is one of the best Instagram tools in 2022. You can use it to manage your accounts on other social media platforms.

This assistant can help you manage more than 100 social accounts, analyze and report your activity, share content, and even upload up to 500 posts using its scheduling option.

  1. Upleap

Upleap is one of the automation tools that help you expand your real followers. This tool uses many algorithms to slender your target audience using filters like hashtags, location, and more.

This tool will customize your needs and do them all.

Instagram automation tools

  1. Instavast

This tool, like others, helps you with commenting, liking, posting content, and responding to DMs. Instavast has several options for managing and finding your target audience and allows you to focus on them more. It will help you to develop meaningful relationships with users.

  1. Jarvee

Jarvee helps you repost, follow, like, unfollow, manage posts, and respond to comments and messages.

You also can use it for your other account on social media like Facebook. Jarvee is software for your Windows device.

  1. Instazood

Instazood lets you view Instagram Stories and send direct messages to your important followers. Using Instazood, you can control your Instagram marketing strategy and other features that every tool has.

  1. Hashtagsforlikes

it is an excellent tool for Instagram influencers, businesses, and marketers to grow their Instagram following using the right and vital hashtags.

It will search Instagram competitors, influencers, and hashtags for you, and you can measure results based on this and improve your activity on Instagram.

  1. Instamber

The last automation tool is similar to Instazood, which lets you interact with your target audience, manage your posts and comments, and send automatic messages directly.

Instamber gives you detailed reports based on its activity to see how well this tool is working for you. Moreover, you can customize its features based on your needs.

Instagram automation tools


However, Instagram is so strict about using third-party automation apps and tools according to its terms and conditions.

Instagram might consider these apps as a bot so that they might work a bit slower on your account.

Managing an Instagram account is tricky, and you have to spend more time and be patient. Nevertheless, you can’t be successful and develop your community.

These tools might be helpful, but you have to use them in moderation, and don’t let Instagram detects you as a bot!


Would you please share your experience if you have used any of these apps and tools? Did you have any bad experiences, or were they working just fine?

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