Instagram Business Card: Tips & Ideas


A business card is needed for awareness of your marketing or branding when it comes to business.

If you have an Instagram account, you can use this opportunity to create a different business card for yourself.

Whether you have a local business and want to expand your followers, create an Instagram business card and give it to your customers.

In this situation, you will link the customers with your Instagram page, and you will expand your online marketing.

This business card is helpful for people who are active on Instagram and shares more information about their business, like Coaches, Doctors, teachers, and so on.

As you know, adding social media icons, especially Instagram’s, will make your card more noticeable.

Instagram business card

Now let’s see which elements you use to make this business card?

There are various ways to make an Instagram business, here we mention some popular ways of creating it. These are some of the tested ideas that you can look up and create your card better.

These are the factors and elements that you can add to your Instagram business card:

Instagram Logo

The Instagram logo is a Fourth-way identifiable element on every business card. This famous icon lets customers find out your account quickly.

One way to show a username on a business card is by displaying it next to the Instagram icon. This is one of the most common methods in creating an Instagram business card.

Since you are creating a business card for your Instagram, using the logo might be necessary.

You might think that it might affect the card’s theme since the logo is a combination of pink, orange, yellow. But you can change the color or use the graphic lines instead of Instagram’s main logo.


Username is the key to logging into your account. Write it with @ symbol to make it noticeable. There might be much information on your business card, so adding this symbol make your username recognizable.

Profile Name

The profile name is your display name, and it can be good if you have a known brand, or at least you want to make one, or you are a known person in your area.

For example, this might be your first and last name or the name of your brand or company.

Instagram business card

QR Code or Name Tag

If you can make a QR code for your Instagram page and put it on the card, it would be outstanding since some people might not enter your username to find you on Instagram. You make this job easier for them to scan this code and find your account.

A name tag is a straight tool for finding one’s social media. It helps people follow you, directing from your page when they scan it with their phone camera.

The profit of using a name tag is its quick way to your Instagram profile.

How to add the elements on our business card?

For adding and writing these elements, some designers use the abbreviated form of Instagram, like IG, The Gram, Insta.

You can add one element or all at once, but we recommend you use only one or at most two of them and keep other bank places for visual things like pictures or graphical things.

A simple @account is an excellent idea for a minimal and beautiful design. Sometimes, too many icons and information may take away the authenticity of a business card. And also, it might distract others with its overwhelming information.

You can make the vital information Bold and Colorful so that it can instantly catch the customers’ sight. These are just samples and examples, and you can use your or your designer’s creativeness and make a unique business card.

Add your email, Instagram, and web address. If your social media usernames are all identical, use this opportunity to make a significant and cohesive card.

Instagram business card


Creating a sound business card for Instagram or other uses and purposes can be challenging. But you can ask an expert and designer to help and make the best one based on your desires and taste.

Creativity is a key to making an eye-catching and noticeable card to encourage people to read the information and follow your Instagram account using the used elements.

Do you have any other elements that one can add to their Instagram business card?

Please share them with us in the comment below.

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