What Are the Best Instagram Extensions for Chrome in 2023? [Top & Free]


Great marketers use the Instagram platform to grow their businesses and marketing and improve and expand their brand awareness to generate more sales.

More of these marketers tend to use Instagram on their desktops. It might be because of the amount of data they have stored on their laptops or PC.

So to smoothen the managing Instagram accounts on desktop, we have gathered some of the best Instagram extensions you can download and install to improve your experience.

Google chrome is a popular, efficient browser. And it has added different extensions to help either small Instagram businesses or big brands on this platform benefit from some top Instagram chrome extensions for free to reach their Instagram marketing aims easily.

In this part, we will introduce the best Google Chrome extensions to boost your Instagram business by successfully accessing your Instagram account in various ways to improve your digital marketing journey. So let’s dive in.

What Are the Best Instagram Extensions for Chrome in 2022

What are the best Instagram extensions for Google Chrome?

Google Chrome is a popular browser among people in the world. One of the most important reasons for its popularity is the various numbers of Google Chrome extensions.

In the section beneath, you can see some of the most used extensions for Instagram:

  1. Desktop For Instagram

Desktop for Instagram is the first on our list. The reason is it is one of the most common desktop versions of Instagram among IG users because it’s advantageous. This extension helps Instagram businesses to do Instagram marketing with different tools that it delivers.

Download and install the extension to access the Instagram application as you would via the Android or iOS apps.

What Are the Best Instagram Extensions for Chrome in 2022

For more information, the extension doesn’t support Ads. This fact makes smooth and uninterrupted access to Instagram without worrying about ads which might be annoying.

Some of the Desktop for Instagram’s features are mentioned below:

  1. Uploading the Images and creating posts directly from a computer.
  2. Full-screen mode support opening photos from your feed and story.
  3. You can play videos from your IG feed on full-screen.
  4. Download videos and photos from the IG feed and story section.
  5. There are no download limitations.

As you see, this extension is handy and has many features. Now let’s move to the other one.

  1. IG Stories For Instagram

Live ‎on Instagram are very important for professional accounts to complete their marketing attempt by producing live videos.

You can view and download Instagram Lives and also stories or explore the web version of the Instagram feed. Furthermore, it lets IG content download, which can benefit users and marketers.

What Are the Best Instagram Extensions for Chrome in 2022? [Top & Free]

What are its main features?

  1. Downloading Instagram lives and stories.
  2. Exploring the web version of the Instagram feed.
  3. It helps you to keep your identity private while viewing a story.
  4. Share your story and live videos.

These features, along with the other ones, make exploring suitable for you on your Instagram desktop.

  1. Extension For Instagram

Another Instagram desktop facilitator is Extension for Instagram. Using this extension, you have the ability to direct ‎uploading or downloading, which can be of use to content ‎generators.‎

If you are a brand owner, you should know that you wouldn’t rely on just the Instagram mobile version since many tools and ‎features are unavailable on your phone. You must use Instagram’s Google Chrome extensions to simplify your marketing tasks.‎

What Are the Best Instagram Extensions for Chrome in 2022? [Top & Free]

What are its features for IG users?

  1. Upload and download IG photos
  2. Direct messaging
  3. Users can put clickable links in the comments section
  4. Navigating and exploring quickly among posts
  5. Dark theme

A dark theme is very useful and is one of the users’ favorite options.

  1. Notifications For Instagram

You are familiar with one of the best Chrome extensions every business account manager needs. Why? To gain brand trust!

These notifications will help attract users’ satisfaction.

Notifications keep you updated about what is going on right now around your Instagram business account to react fast and increase your Instagram account’s engagement rates.

What Are the Best Instagram Extensions for Chrome in 2022? [Top & Free]

  1. EverLiker

EverLiker is a bit different extension for Instagram because it has unique features. This is an extension application you can use to draw attention to your IG account. The chrome extension can save you a lot of time by allowing you to like photos and videos on your account. You can do that multiple times.

EverLiker does not require your IG username or password to operate, so it is safe and secure. Right now, the extension has over 4000 users.

  1. Inssist

Inssist has features like sharing reels to Instagram from the Web, scheduling posts, direct messaging, and hashtag management.

You can experience Instagram on your computer, just like on your phone. It is because of its adaptable theme settings and other powerful features.

What Are the Best Instagram Extensions for Chrome in 2022? [Top & Free]

To conclude

We tried to mention some of the best and most popular Google Chrome extensions for Instagram based on ‎their updates. But if you are a business owner on this platform, never stop searching for the efficient tool to get ahead ‎of the Instagram competition.

Use these extensions to work better on the Instagram desktop version. All you have to accomplish is download and install any extensions from the Google Web Store, and there you go.


If you already have the experience of using them, please share your ideas in the section below, and make a conversation down here.

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