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Instagram has been our favorite app since it was released in 2012. There are so many accounts that their owners create from the beginning. And they are forgotten or abended because their owner made another Instagram account.

So as you see, there are so many accounts that might have been following you from years ago, but they are not active. On the other hand, you might have so many followers, but they are not interacting with you because they are not interested in your content or any other reasons.

Having a considerable number of followers is great for your Instagram account, but if they are not active and interested in your content, it is not good at all. In this case, your engagement rate and your account’s value will decrease.

What should you do to get rid of the inactive follower? Some apps are helpful in cleaning your followers, and you can get rid of these ghost followers. We have prepared a list of follower cleaner apps for Android and iPhone in this part.

Best Instagram Follower Cleaner Apps for Android & iOS

Best Instagram follower cleaner apps for Android and iOS

Let’s take a look at this list that we have prepared. You can find a suitable app for you to clean your followers on Instagram and create a better community on this platform.

  1. Follow Cop

Follow Cop is an app that lets you know your followers, who have unfollowed you, fans, and ghost followers on Instagram. You can also unfollow inactive IG accounts or make a massive unfollow with only one click.

But be careful about the Instagram unfollow limitation. If you want to know about Instagram’s follow and unfollow limit per hour and day, click here and prevent your account be blocked.

  1. Cleaner for IG

The “Cleaner for IG” application allows you to detect your ghost followers and assist in unfollowing those by the bulk. This app helps you to block and unblock users, delete Instagram posts and observe the activity statistics of your account.

Best Instagram Follower Cleaner Apps for Android & iOS

  1. Unfollow for Instagram

Unfollow for Instagram is an Instagram follower tracker app again for Android devices developed by Team Unfollow. It is free. This app lets you track users who don’t follow your Instagram account back, unfollow single or multiple users at a time, and more.


This app is for iOS users and helps them bulk unfollow, unlike on Instagram. This is a fantastic app if you are tired of doing things manually. But again, please ensure you stick to the Instagram unfollow limitation.

  1. Instant Cleaner

Instant Cleaner is a cleaner app for Instagram and Android users that can help users unfollow accounts they don’t want to be following anymore. Plus, this app can help you unlike content on Instagram and block followers that you don’t want to see your posts and stories.

Best Instagram follower cleaner apps for Android and iOS

Another beneficial feature is that Instant Cleaner can help you get rid of your old content.

  1. Firing Table

Firing Table is a paid social media administration service website specially catered to IG users. The service promises a way to gain a significant following on Instagram through account management.

  1. Insights+ IG Followers Reports

This is an app useful for both personal and business accounts on Instagram. This is for iPhone users, and it can personalize analytics on your account’s followers, blocks, likes, and more options you can use installing this app on your phone.

  1. Unfollowers for Instagram

Unfollowers for Instagram is an application that serves as an Instagram manager tool. On this app, you can unfollow a single user or unfollow multiple users at a time aside from tracking ghost followers. Also, Users on Unfollowers for Instagram can manage numerous accounts.

Best Instagram follower cleaner apps for Android and iOS

  1. Cleaner for Instagram Unfollow Block and Delete

Cleaner for Instagram allows you to block or delete Instagram followers. If you want to block an Instagram user, simply select the user and tap on the block option.

Simply log in to your Instagram profile and find the Unfollow Block and Delete option on your profile. This is a must-have app for all Android Instagram users!

Instagram is not just about gaining followers and expanding your community. It is also taking care of the quality of the audience you have. So it is essential to delete the ghost and inactive followers so you can increase your engagement rate.

Best Instagram follower cleaner apps for Android and iOS

Final Thoughts

The quality of the Instagram followers is more critical than their number. You may be surprised by the digit of ghost followers, but that’s alright! With an effective Instagram plan to develop your account, you can gain a more active target audience and correctly build your community.

We have mentioned that some of these apps have the “Bulk” option, which allows you to unfollow a massive amount of users.

But Instagram limitations won’t allow that, so be careful and try to unfollow a specific number at a time. In this case, you won’t get blocked by Instagram, and you can save your Instagram account.


We are waiting to hear from you in the comment below, so share your ideas and thoughts.

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