Instagram Recent Updates: Improve Your Instagram Content & Marketing


There is not a single day without any new news of Instagram and its updates. This popular platform announces daily whether an update or information about its future updates.

I haven’t seen this many activities from other applications before.

Let’s find out what this news is about.

Take a look at Instagram recent updates

  • Instagram story drafts:

The first ability that we are going to discuss has been announced on March 2021. This feature allows you to save your story as a draft and make changes to it later.

As you know, we could save posts on drafts, but now, it’s available on the story part too. This is good news for those who have been struggling to make stories in one sit!


You can see the option “Save Drafts” when you want to get out of the process of making stories. Keep in mind that you can only have your stories in draft for a week after saving, and after that, they will be removed. So it’s not permanent.

Before announcing this ability, you just had to keep it on your phone or upload it directly for saving drafts. It’s easy now. Save it on drafts, and after making changes, share it!

Reels already has the “save to drafts” option, which is now available on the story. Drafts provide more flexibility while making content, whether you are making posts, reels, or stories.

Stop, save it on drafts, and come back later when you feel that you cannot make it right now.

The timing is essential for you to make your stories and post them properly to reach the most engagement rate.


  • Upload reminder for you live in the feed:

If you have a professional account, this will make you happy! You can set a reminder as a calendar in the feed, but don’t misunderstand this option with a content calendar. This is a calendar within Instagram itself.

If you don’t have any ideas about the content calendar, tap on the link below:

By making a reminder in the feed, most of your followers will be able to see the exact date and time, turn on the notification, and be in your live.

The steps you have to follow to set this reminder in the feed is mentioned below.

First, you have to schedule your live itself:

  1. Go to the live section.
  2. Tap on the calendar icon.
  3. Add the title of your following live (this will be shown to the followers), and then add the time.
  4. Tap on the “schedule live video.”
  5. Now that you set up your live follow the same process and choose the three dots in the “how to use preview App” section.
  6. Then share it as a post.

In the case that you’ll be sharing something important in your following live, you can remind in the feed multiple times, and there is no limitation.

Even you can add more reminders. In the same part, while making a reminder, tap on the “Add” and add more upcoming lives.

You can also change the date of your lives, or even cancel it if you had a change in your plans or faced a problem.


  • Posting photos and videos from your PC

Instagram doesn’t have a desktop version, so you can use the website to use this application on your computer or any other device except your phone.

For example, you are an account manager, and you don’t want to do your professional works with your phone because you want to increase the quality and not make mistakes.

So this feature is going to help you with all your works. It is now easier to upload photos and videos on the desktop than using your smartphone at work. It seems a bit unprofessional.

Your files are more easily accessible on your desktop than on your phone. While working as an Instagram manager for a company, you have to use Photoshop or other editing applications, so it will be more pleasant to upload them directly from pc.

Since sharing photos and videos has been activated on the website, you can be more efficient and comfortable in your work.


  • More effects on reels

Recently, Instagram has introduced three new effects to help users edit their Reels based on music.

These three features are SuperBeat, DynamicLyrics, and 3DLyrics.

With these new effects, users will combine music and the AR effects on the Reels. Since music plays a significant role in everybody’s life, this will help you make more funny and exciting Reels.

Superbeat is a new effect that automatically applies visual edits to a person’s Reel based on the chosen song.

Dynamic & 3D Lyrics are effects that apply song lyrics to your Reels. There was an option like this in the music part of the story.

Instagram Recent Updates: Improve Your Instagram Content & Marketing

Last words

These were just some recent updates of Instagram. As you know, and as we mentioned repeatedly, this platform releases updates almost weekly.

Knowing these features will help you make more original and exciting content for your followers and increase your engagement rate if you have a brand or run a business.

This platform is provided for your growth in any field that you have decided. Also, these updates affect Instagram content and marketing.

Which of these updates do you think is better and more efficient? Which one do you like or use the most?

Would you mind sharing your ideas about what the upcoming updates will be? Just comment us.

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