Instagram vs. Facebook For Business & Branding


Instagram and Facebook are the most excellent platforms for business nowadays.

At first, Facebook was the only platform in this field, but both are cooperating after releasing Instagram.

Also, you hear more about Instagram, but Facebook is still popular, and lots of people are using it for their business and branding development.

Facebook has 2.85 billion active users in a month, and it has been a considerable number.

This writing will compare their features and analyze them to see which one is better to help our marketing.

We need to take a look at some elements and know how they work to improve our business and marketing through these great platforms.

We want to compare these 2 platforms using numbers.

Comparing Instagram and Facebook using numbers

In the number of active users, Facebook is a winner with 2.5 billion active users per month, while Instagram has 1 billion active users monthly.

83% of marketers use Facebook for their business and brands; on the other side, 77% of them use Instagram for their business purposes.

Facebook in number beats Instagram, but an important point remains: engagement.

Instagram has built a platform with a high rate of engagement and more active users.

Instagram vs. Facebook For Business & Branding

Another point that Instagram has is having younger users. Most of the Instagram users are under age 30. People at this age are more active than others, which is why Instagram has more engaged users.

On the other hand, older users have more income and benefit your business. While you can sell a product more for younger users, you can sell expensive products to the older ones.

So knowing the target audience is more significant than any other thing. You have to know which one is better for you and your business.

For instance, a famous brand in the cosmetic field is more successful on Instagram; an investment might be more successful on Facebook.

So any platform has its particular audience, and marketers and business owners have to pay attention to this matter.

Facebook vs. Instagram in engagement rate

The engagement rate is more influential than other metrics for every social media. Based on the reports, Facebook’s engagement rate is 0.09% per post, but on Instagram, the number is 1.60% for each shared post.

These apps are also different in shared content. On Instagram, photos are more viewed since it is the primary content on this platform, but texts are better performed on Facebook.

You have to consider these things while sharing content on any platform.

Instagram vs. Facebook For Business & Branding

Instagram and Facebook in functionality review

Facebook is more informational and text base. But Instagram, as everyone knows, is about visual content.

On Facebook, people might search for you to get more information about your business, marketing, or brand, but on Instagram, they like what they see on the explore page or feed.

Brands use Instagram to engage and gain more followers and are more popular.

Which one is most suitable for your business and branding?

As discussed earlier, the type of content you want to publish on Facebook or Instagram is essential. It will be a big mistake if companies treat Instagram like Facebook or vice versa.

Content that works on Instagram doesn’t always do the same thing on Facebook. So, we recommend choosing these apps based on your business or marketing activity.

If you want to share more visual content, Instagram might be better for you. But if you’re going to give more information about your brand through texts, you better pick Facebook.

These are some elements that can help you to understand more:

  • Facebook is slighter with sharing copy content; for instance, you can use your site or other platforms to post on it. While Instagram is stricter on this, it is all about being unique and sharing original content.
  • Facebook is more acceptable for sharing news, since textual content is welcomed in this app.

Instagram vs. Facebook For Business & Branding

Using both Instagram and Facebook for your business

Since these 2 platforms are for the Meta Company and cooperate with each other for good performance and more options, our recommendation is to use both of them for your business goals.

Having Instagram and Facebook means having 2 different target audiences, which are essential for every marketer and business owner.

Also, you can track your progress on these platforms, and they give you everything you need for running a better business and developing your brand.

These apps are not replacements for each other, and they have to be used in the right way.


This paper went through the Facebook and Instagram analysis to answer this question: which one is better for our business?

Everything is upon you and your business or marketing activity. You have to decide with one is a great help for you, or you want to have both of them have their features altogether.


Please inform us in the comment section if you find this paper useful. And if you have any points to add, you can share them with us.

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