Instagram vs. LinkedIn for Business & Branding


The number of applications that exist and people are using is overwhelming. We have lots of them, and each media has its own purpose and users.

If we want to choose between all of them for our business or branding, first, we have to define our aims and goal, and second, we have to know whether they have our target audience.

Based on these facts, we selected 2 accepted apps that are leading in business. Instagram is known for its features for improving your business, branding, and marketing.

LinkedIn is known for finding the best chances to cooperate and represent your resume for managers and business owners. At first, let’s take a look at them and their goal for their audiences.

Instagram VS LinkedIn for Business & Branding

What is Instagram?

Instagram has over 1 billion users worldwide. Facebook bought this platform in 2012, and it has become a significant part of our daily life.

Almost every person has an account on Instagram, and most of the marketers and business or brand owners are active on this visual base platform.

Not just these, famous people and celebrities are the great community on Instagram.

This platform has provided lots of marketing and business assistant tools and options for its users to use this app smoother and achieve their business goals.

What is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is the world’s most significant professional network. You can use this app to find the right business or internship, connect professional relationships, and learn the skills you require in your business career.

A complete and detailed profile on this app can help you find the opportunities by showing your profession or resume. You can share your experience, skills, and education on this app.

Now that you are familiar with these 2 fantastic apps, we already know you were! Let’s find out which one helps you more for your business and branding and their features in this field.

Instagram VS LinkedIn for Business & Branding

Instagram’s shared content, goals, and target audience

Most Instagram users are teenagers and aged between 18 and 30. Moreover, the users are all around the world, and they are not limited to the United States.

India, the United States, Brazil, and Indonesia have the most Instagram users among the other countries.

As you already know, visual content like photos and videos is the most shared content on Instagram.

All the content, from feed posts to Reels, Instagram shop, Lives, and Stories, are the ways to connect visually with your audience.

Without any doubt, this platform will help you with your business proposes because of its features and updates that have been for improving your marketing.

Instagram’s shop, insights, and professional accounts are examples of this.

LinkedIn’s shared content, goals, and target audience

While LinkedIn’s users are less than Instagram, it is still an excellent platform for finding business-to-business companies and sharing your skills and experience.

Most of the users of this platform are between ages 30 to 50.

When it comes to the shared content type, images and videos are leading. Photos mostly get a 98% higher engagement rate. But also textual content is crucial on LinkedIn.

Instagram VS LinkedIn for Business & Branding

Your goals must be designed based on this information. Sharing content to get more customers or gaining the attention of companies and great companies.

With all this information, now you might guess which one is better for your business and branding, but let’s compare them more directly.

Instagram VS LinkedIn

The difference between LinkedIn and Instagram is that LinkedIn is an official platform for professional aims.

Instagram is like an informal and more intimate app to display your lifestyle and connect with others, but more professional in branding and marketing with features like the Instagram shop.

LinkedIn is commonly used for offering and receiving job opportunities. In contrast, Instagram users use this platform to market and represent personal life (Influencers).

There are near 15,000 employees on LinkedIn today. So as you see, LinkedIn is used mainly by employees and employers, but Instagram contains all types of business and brand owners since it has younger audiences and lots of active users.

Suppose you want to represent your skills for achieving opportunities and great jobs or connect with your business-related people. LinkedIn is more recommended.

But if you are looking for an excellent platform for developing your brand and business and having more followers and audience worldwide, Instagram is recommended.

Why? Instagram has more users, and the age rate is lower than LinkedIn. You can gain younger customers if your brand is for teens.

Instagram VS LinkedIn for Business & Branding

We cannot tell which app is more suitable for you or which you have to pick. Considering all these facts, you know which one is suited for you and your business and marketing.

But if you are more looking for the greater community and younger users, our suggestion is Instagram.


Deciding how you can improve your platform and thorough which platform is complex. You have to know its users and goal and adjust them to yours. If you see they match, you can pick the best app for your activity.

Although handling too many accounts on different platforms is difficult, it is better to create accounts on all of them and have all the audiences of all types and ages.

What do you think about having an account on both of these applications?


Which one is more appropriate for you, Instagram or LinkedIn? Which one is better for your business? Please share your responses in the comment below.

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