Instagram vs. TikTok For Business & Branding


Nowadays, individuals are spending most of their time on social media. Even business and brand owners and marketers are using these apps for their purposes.

Instagram and TikTok are 2 of the most used apps among teenagers. They have the most users, and people love using these platforms.

Instagram is an American visual sharing Social Network Platform launched in October 2010. On the other side, TikTok is a Chinese video-sharing platform founded in September 2016.

Based on these facts, business owners have decided to pay more attention to these apps and use them to achieve their aims.

However, some marketers can’t decide which one is good for their industry.

In the following part, we want to compare them and discuss their features and differences, so you can determine which one is more suitable for your goal.

So without further ado, let’s get to know more about Instagram and TikTok.

Instagram vs. tiktok

What is TikTok?

TikTok has become a lovely app with its comedic and creative content that famous Tiktokers are sharing all around the world.

Some of this content is that interesting that they are sharing by Instagram users too.

TikTok has made lots of people famous and attracted lots of celebrities. They are trying to make creative or trend content and satisfy their audience.

Even TikTok was very helpful for the music industry and has made some specific music viral. Nowadays, there is a term called “TikTok music,” which refers to the music that is more welcomed on TikTok, and people are using them to create funny and creative Reels. However, it has many critics.

What is Instagram?

Instagram is a versatile app and has lots of features provided for its personal and professional users.

By the time this platform released, more options for its business owners and those who want to develop their brand through this app.

Instagram account insight and its shop are the most common examples of this.

However, Instagram also pays more attention to its personal users, making things easy to work smoothly with this app and providing their pleasure.

One of these great features is Story. Only the Story section on Instagram has 500 million viewers every day, and it is a considerable sharing content tool in an app.

These are the reasons that professionals are more eager to use Instagram more than other platforms.

Instagram vs. TikTok for business

Which one is better for business or branding, Instagram or TikTok?

We need to gain more information about their audiences and our business goal to answer this question. Every app has its own particular and target audiences.

Moreover, a platform has some goals and tries to keep its audiences satisfied to improve the necessary features for achieving these goals.

In the following part, we want to discuss 3 essential or common elements of these apps to pick which one is adequate for you.

  • Users

Instagram has1.287 Billion users based on reports. TikTok, however, TikTok has 732 Million users. The most vital information about the users is their age rank.

Knowing this is the most important and efficient thing that every marketer knows.

This will cater to understanding which products are more welcomed than others and which industry might be more successful.

Instagram most essential users are divided into 2 groups:

  1. 25 to 34 (33.1%)
  2. 18 to 24 (22.8%)

And one of the interesting facts about Instagram is that 63% of its users at least log in once into this platform.

In the U.S. 6% of TikTok users are 10 to 29. The other 48% are between 18 and 29. 20% are 30 to 49, and the rest in upper than this.

One interesting fact about TikTok is the users on this platform are 1.8 times more eager to follow trendy products.

Instagram vs. TikTok for business

  • Features

Although they have many similar features, they are still different on some points. Recording Lengths is 30 seconds for Instagram Reels but for TikTok, 60 seconds.

On TikTok, you have lots of options to choose between music and effects, which is very good for editing and making a reel more attractive.

On Instagram, you have to pay attention to the copyrights and use the original content for making reels.

If your business is more into music, TikTok might be a better option for you in this case.

  • Influencer Marketing Campaigns

In my opinion, based on the reports, Instagram is more leading in this field. The influencer on Instagram is more successful in comparing influencers in other apps like TikTok, YouTube, or even Facebook.

The reason might be having a direct platform to share their content and stay in touch with their audiences.

They directly link their profile marketing campaign to the Brand Instagram Page.


Instagram and TikTok have rapidly become enormous global platforms.

Generally, selecting between Instagram and TikTok depends upon these elements, especially their campaigns as a Brand, creator, or influencer.

Nonetheless, there’s no disowning that Instagram features, tools, and dynamics beat TikTok’s App capabilities in most points. But picking one of these finally depends on the business owner and marketer.

Which one do you prefer to use? Which one is more suitable for your business? Please share your answers in the comment section. We are waiting to hear from you.

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