Instagram vs. Twitter for Business & Branding


Twitter and Instagram are 2 popular apps among people, especially teens. Twitter is popular, but the platform is not as powerful as Instagram.

Many brands and business owners have both Instagram and Twitter accounts, but they are more active and online on Instagram and share their most content on this platform.

This article wants to know which platform is better for improving our business and branding. And we give lots of information about these apps, so you can decide to pick the best one based on your brand’s needs.

  • Instagram has 1 billion active users in a month, and they post and share 95 million content per day. 80% of users are not in the U.S., so it is a worldwide popular platform.
  • While Twitter has 326 million monthly users, it has 80%, active users. There are 77% of users outside the states, which post 500 million Tweets each day.

This information can provide you with much insight into which platforms you should work on to improve your business and branding.

Instagram vs. Twitter for Business & Branding

Analyzing Instagram & Twitter for business and branding

Now that we got general information about these apps in the last section, let’s know them in more detail.

  • Audience

You might be surprised, but these 2 platforms have the same audience and users. How? They are similar in age, education level, income, and even region. As we mentioned above, most users are young on Instagram and Twitter.

Instagram and Twitter are mainly prevalent among people in their 20s who are in college or are recently graduated.

These are the base audience types in all social media because they are the most active. If you seek young followers, there is no limitation in choosing between these apps.

  • Engagement

As you know, Instagram has the most engaged followers among the others. We already mentioned the number of posts that users are sharing every month.

They are so active, but Instagram still tries to keep them entertained, so they stay in longer. Instagram knows how to keep its audience in the app., and also the number of business and lifestyle accounts makes it hard for people to stop their exploring.

Instagram vs. Twitter for Business & Branding

Instagram keeps its customer-focused on shared content, and it is leading in this field.

On the other side, we have Twitter, which is messy. Twitter’s feed is full of other links, advertisements, and unrelated or related account suggestions.

These unrelated data makes it hard for users and audience to focus on the shared content. Instagram has more engagement on its platform, thanks to these factors.

But on Twitter, the users can share links and get engagement outside the app. You can connect to your website or other social media.

  • Live Features

As you know, Instagram has convenient live features that business or brand owners and marketers can use for their marketing purposes.

But Twitter doesn’t have this option, and it might be a bit disappointing if you want to share your original content and show or represent in on live.

If you want to decide to pick one, just based on this reason, you sadly have one option: Instagram.

  • Advertising

Both platforms have ads features, but you also need an engagement rate for this one. If you share your ad on a most engaging forum, you will be more seen, and your ads will be more clicked on.

Instagram vs. Twitter for Business & Branding

  • Procedure

Instagram keeps its audience and users on the app on purpose and with an organized plan.

The content on Instagram has been shared originally within the app and by the users. In contrast, we don’t have that much original content on Twitter.

Also, some users tweet their ideas and thought, but mostly there are shared links and other content in this app.

The content on Twitter is the ones you discover on others sites. It doesn’t mean that Twitter is not good enough. We are just mentioning their differences in shared content.

It depends on you and your business or company’s goal to decide which platform is more suitable. Of course, one of these is more beneficial for your aims. You just have to know how to use them to achieve your business goals.

The usage of Instagram and Twitter is so different; for sharing content on Instagram, you have to be authentic and share your unique content to gain more real followers, but You can share links and guide the audience to other platforms on Twitter.

Instagram vs. Twitter for Business & Branding


Instagram is more visual, but Twitter lets users share textual posts. You can use both of them for your different purposes and reach diverse audiences in 2 different ways.

You also need to use a different strategy for using another platform. Furthermore, you cannot handle both accounts in the same way.

Knowing what you have to share with your audience on Instagram or Twitter is essential to increase your business or branding proficiency.

But it seems that Instagram is more helpful in developing your business and branding since it has more users and engagement. Also, it is leading for sharing original content.

You can share links and encourage the audience to participate in other platforms and links on Twitter.

Make a plan and use them for your different purposes so that you can expand your business on both platforms.

Which one of the mentioned apps do you use for improving your business?


Which one do you find more beneficial? Would you mind sharing your reasons in the comment section?

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