Instagram vs. YouTube: Which is Better for Business & Making Money?


In the marketing world and basically on social media, Instagram and YouTube are the 2 most essential apps and platforms.

They are both visual-based, but they differ considerably, making users use these platforms differently.

YouTube was first made for advertising; on the other hand, Instagram was created for sharing photos and then videos.

Instagram insanely has become one of the most used apps worldwide, both for personal use and for business and marketing.

YouTube is also one of the best apps for sharing content and gaining money. This is why some people don’t know which one to choose and create a professional account.

So in this article, we want to compare them and bring up their strength and abilities and the tool they offer you.

Instagram vs. YouTube: Which is Better for Business & Making Money?

Why is it better to choose Instagram, and what are its features?

Instagram has 1 billion active users, and it is better for sharing short videos both in the feed and on the story section. Making videos for an Instagram account costs you less than YouTube. And you can do it even with your phone and sometimes without editing it too much.

But they are not less effortful than YouTube videos; they are more effective in some cases. Instagram is valuable for all brands and advertisers because of its engagement rate and the number of users. Also, many people have different desires, and marketers can easily find their target audiences.

If you know how to make captivating content on Instagram, in no time, you can expand your business and brand on this fantastic platform.

You can use numerous options like Instagram posts, stories, reels, Instagram shop, Instagram live, and each of them has so many opportunities to make advanced content. Furthermore, you have Instagram insights on your professional account, which helps you track your activity and give information about your followers.

Instagram vs. YouTube: Which is Better for Business & Making Money?

If you know your followers on Instagram, you will be more successful acting on this platform.

You will need some third-party apps to schedule your plans and posts if you want to post more professionally on this visual-based forum.

What are the Instagram benefits?

  1. Instagram is the most up-to-date platform that can be used for branding and acquiring visibility among a targeted audience.
  2. Instagram is the most likely selection for modeling, travel, food, design, and lifestyle among the other platforms.
  3. This platform gives better and various options in content formats—for example, short videos, long videos, posts, pictures, etc.
  4. Making content for Instagram pages costs less than YouTube channels.
  5. You can make effective use of your pictures and videos frequently, with higher engagement.
  6. Some third-party apps can help buy followers and likes in the first steps of your page creation. (if you want to know some apps to get likes and followers on Instagram, you can check this article.)

Instagram vs. YouTube: Which is Better for Business & Making Money?

Why is it better to choose YouTube, and what are its features?

Now let’s move on to the following popular app, YouTube. The first choice of streamers, gamers, and vlog makers. Why? Because of its concept.

YouTube is more video-based, although there has been some update in this app, and it has added some short videos in the “Shorts” section. Mainly on this platform, you have to share contents which are more than 10 minutes in minimum.

YouTube has some great tools which can be so helpful in sharing content. As we mentioned before, sharing content on YouTube requires more time and costs more. It is better to access microphones and ring lights or a semiprofessional camera for recording.

This platform has 1.9 billion users all around the world, and you can find almost every kind of content from art to fitness, travel, education, and so many other things.

Instagram vs. YouTube: Which is Better for Business & Making Money

Nowadays, YouTube ads are one of the best features for making money and growing your business. This amazing forum was the best site for sharing long content and always will be.

But as you know, your success on this platform, depends on the videos you create. All of them need to be qualified, and this is why making videos for YouTube costs more than the Instagram application.

What are the YouTube benefits?

  1. YouTube boosts sales, especially when the influencers share reviews of the products. You can also stream online games and react to them with your audiences.
  2. It is not difficult to measure the effects and connect with the audience. After you have finished your campaign, viewers can get to your videos.
  3. YouTube is self-inclusive in its marketing reach. In this way, people from the various niches can use it without much of a stretch, be it gaming, amusement, or fashion.

To put it all together

If you want to find the right and the best platform for your business, it is better to pay attention to 3 main things:

Reach: the number of people you can find and attract is important. You always have to pick an app that has the highest reach so most individuals can see your content.

Content: create and upload creative and unique content on any platform you work on. Don’t forget that your engagement rate is measured by your posts’ number of likes and comments. So if you create great content, you can be more successful on social media.

Relevance: your shared content should be relevant to the target audience you have gathered. If you post a different video every time, you might lose your followers/subscribers, and finding them again would be time-consuming and challenging.

All have been discussed, but keep in mind that finding a great platform is on you. You are the one who can decide which platform is better for your business and marketing.


Which one do you pick for your business? Instagram or YouTube? Please share your responses in the comments below.

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