10 Best Instagram Accounts For Interior Design


When you adore interior design, it becomes a lifestyle. Instagram fulfills all the aspects and needs of our lives, so we search for what we want on this popular platform. Let’s blend our interests and our most used app in this part! We are looking for the best Instagram interior design accounts.

If you are a fan of interior design, you might have different Pinterest panels dedicated to creative inspiration for your ideal living room. And, of course, the best interior designers have accounts on Instagram, and they continue to keep us all inspired and amused.

Instagram has become a tremendous source of inspiration nowadays. From fashion to food and design, you can find thousands of accounts that inspire you daily with their unique ideas.10 Best Instagram Accounts For Interior Design

Instagram accounts are endless, making the navigation overwhelming for you. So we decided to bring the best and top 10 accounts for interior design to make this easy for you. If you are interested to find out who they are, stay with us in this fabulous navigation.

What are the 10 best interior design accounts on Instagram?

We tried to gather and introduce interior designers from all over the world. So you can keep an eye on appearing trends where you are.

Each has its type, but they all have one thing to share: The best and most gorgeous designs. No matter what is your preferred style, you can find anything that suits your taste here.

  1. @grantkgibson

Grant Gibson is a bit traditional designer. You’re likely to find detailed molding and historical architecture on his unique account. But he modernized historical architecture with perfect color contrasts and other things. He is one of the most animal-friendly interior designers on Instagram out there.

10 Best Instagram Accounts For Interior Design

  1. @justinablakeney

Justina Blakeney operates a business, she is an artist, and also she is one of the best-selling authors in the New York Times.

Besides all of these, she is a great mother. She focuses more on her life and designs on her Instagram. Her account is a source of bold colors, bright cloth and fabrics, and jungle-inspired rooms.

10 Best Instagram Accounts For Interior Design

  1. @malene.barnett

Malene Barnett is a great designer, also she is the founder of the Black Artists, and Designers Guild. You’ll see flashy interiors, inspiring and empowering art on her Instagram account.

10 Best Instagram Accounts For Interior Design

  1. @sarahshermansamuel

She is an incredible designer from Los Angeles. Sarah Sherman Samuel’s Instagram posts which include glimpses of her personal life are the best ones that made her gain more than 250k followers.

She has a clean and clear style. Also, she uses mostly whites and creamy colors contrasted with warm shades of woods.

10 Best Instagram Accounts For Interior Design

  1. @coreydamenjenkins

He is a TV host and interior designer. On Corey Damen Jenkins’ account, you will see his sophisticated aesthetic designs with one scroll through his posts.

10 Best Instagram Accounts For Interior Design

  1. @studiomcgee

The account belongs to a husband and wife design team. They have a million followers on Instagram. This couple launched their design Studio in 2014.

Their Instagram is full of modern furniture, and you can see some of the most breathtaking kitchen decorations you’ve ever seen. You just got the right spot if you like white, black, navy, and brown.

10 Best Instagram Accounts For Interior Design

  1. @younghuh

She is on the list of 100 Top Designers in the world. Are you looking for a bright, summery, and sometimes vintage style inspiration for decorating your home? You just found it!

10 Best Instagram Accounts For Interior Design

  1. @jenkay

You can find anything on her account, from lifestyle inspiration to decor and motherhood. Her kitchen is a phenomenon. Just check her page, and you will agree with my compliments.

10 Best Instagram Accounts For Interior Design

  1. @ashe_leandro

Ariel Ashe and Reinaldo Leandro are founders of Ashe + Leandro. They are a designer couple. And their style is “modern luxury.” Ariel and Reinaldo are aesthetic. Their Instagram page is wonderfully inspiring for everyone.

10 Best Instagram Accounts For Interior Design

  1. @sashabikoff

She is an iconic name in the world of design. With an appreciation of beauty that fuses vintage French styles and with a touch of modernism, her Instagram account is the most impressive and inspiring. She has proved she has a keen eye for interior designs.

10 Best Instagram Accounts For Interior Design

Last words

On Instagram, you can find any unique and inspiring account for interior design. Just check these pages, and you will find your type. Of course, there are more than this number that you can discover gradually, but we tried to mention the best ones.

One more time, Instagram has proved that it contains all the needs and ideas that you might be searching for. We are glad to help you find anything you want on this endless forum.


Which style do you prefer for your home? Do you know any other designers? Please mention their name and Instagram account in the comment below.

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