How to Go Live on Instagram And Facebook at the Same Time


Instagram and Facebook are the 2 most popular social media giants. As you know, Facebook owns Instagram, so there might be some features related to each other. This might lead to cooperation between Facebook and Instagram accounts.

This cooperation is an excellent idea for those who want to gain more followers and use 2 different target audiences.

Facebook and Instagram both have a valuable feature called Live!

Facebook calls it live stream and Instagram live video, which users can save as a post or a story. Have you ever liked to go live on Instagram and Facebook at the same time due to your business conditions?

How to Go Live on Instagram & Facebook at the Same Time

If your response is yes, you might need this paper. Here we have some tips for this aim.

Let’s see whether you can broadcast on both platforms at the exact moment.

How to Go Live on Instagram and Facebook at the Same Time?

We have to discuss it in all possible ways. You have two options, either you are using your phone or the desktop.

If you are using your phone:

Well, you might be disappointed if you realize you can’t go live simultaneously on Instagram and Facebook using a phone.

It is clear that it is impossible for one primary technical reason: one app can’t be accessed by other apps simultaneously. Are you confused?

Let me elaborate it with a simple example: you can’t use your microphone at the same time for Instagram and Facebook.

You need to use both Facebook and Instagram in app form to go live; they need access to your microphone (and camera). For this reason, your phone will NOT permit that.

How to Go Live on Instagram & Facebook at the Same Time

But if you insist on utilizing your phone and don’t have any other options, you have a solution.

You can use 2 phones instead of one. Set one phone up to stream on your Facebook account and the other to live on your Instagram account.

This is the most likely choice for you. Furthermore, you have access to both chats, and both screens are in front of you coincidently.

Although it is not an ideal solution, finding other phones is easy and more accessible if your choice is only using a phone.

Pros and cons:

Finding another phone is accessible.

It is cheaper than buying computers and laptops.

Video or audio quality is different if you are using different phones.

Video or audio quality might not be good enough.

Your phone might run out of memory to save the live and then post it.

How to Go Live on Instagram & Facebook at the Same Time

If you are using your PC or Laptop:

As you might already guess, we recommend to use pc instead of 1 or more phones. For a deliberate and professional stream in your home or place of business, a PC setup is better and works well.

For going live on your pc or laptop, you need to install apps that help you in the streaming. In the next part, we will cite some of them:

Streamlabs OBSOBS ClassicOBS Studio
WirecastVimeo Livestream StudioVMix

Instagram has all its features focused on the phone, and for using its features on your desktop, you need to use their official cross-compatible app. It only works in Windows 10 and upper versions.

The other way is emulating the app using special apps like Bluestacks which we have already mentioned in the previous papers.

If you are using your PC and a phone:

The last situation is using a phone along with your pc or laptop. This is easier than using 2 phones, which requires using stands.

In case you don’t have a laptop, you might need to buy a webcam or headset.

You don’t need additional costs. It is better to use anything that you have in hand. Take your time to improve and set up advanced devise and computers for the following streams.

How to Go Live on Instagram & Facebook at the Same Time

How do I set up going live in Ciclano?

In this section, we will discuss the only possibility to go live on Facebook and Instagram simultaneously. Create an account on this app and add your Facebook account to your Instagram bio.

This application is paid, but it is highly secure.

  1. Download Ciclano and open the main page.
  2. Now you have to click on the channels.
  3. You can schedule the simultaneous live on Instagram and Facebook in this part.
  4. In each social network box, select the “Add account” option.
  5. Enter the accounts, select the “checkbox” below your Facebook and Instagram accounts.
  6. After all, these processes click Title and description and fill them.
  7. Finally, go back to Ciclano’s home page, click and Enable Broadcast.

A black screen will appear when it wants to start living. Some codes will appear on the screen. You need to copy these codes to OBS Studio.

On OBS Studio, click on start broadcast; now you are going live syn chronic on your Instagram and Facebook account.

How to Go Live on Instagram & Facebook at the Same Time

To come to the point.

Using this structure will make you become a professional on going live.

Going live at the same time on Facebook and Instagram will help you to have interaction with 2 different audiences simultaneously.

It can help your marketing and business when you introduce a product or anything else.


What is your opinion about going live in sync on 2 platforms? If you have any suggestions, please share them with us in the comment below.

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