How to Pin a Comment on Instagram? (Manage Your Comments)


Instagram is one of the accessible ways to communicate and make conversation with your friends, family, and followers.

There are so many options on this platform that helps you to stay in touch with your audience, such as direct section, voice messages, video calls, comments, and replying to their stories.

Here we want to talk about the comments section and one of its most useful features, which definitely will help you in most aspects of managing your comments section.

And that it “Pin” feature. The pin feature helps you to pin the most important, funny, or informative comments to make them stay in first place on the list.

As you know, since its release, Instagram has undergone many changes, and so many features have been added to this practical application.

From the beginning, Instagram had the comment section, but it has evolved, and now it is how we use it.

How to Pin a Comment on Instagram? (Manage Your Comments)

Maybe in the feature, there might be some changes on this part, but for now, we will discuss it the way it is.

So without wasting time, let’s find out more about how can you pin a comment on Instagram and why to do that? If you are interested, come to the next part.

Why is the Instagram comments section so important?

Comments are one of the ways to transmit your ideas and interact with your people on Instagram. You can say your comment on a post or reel that other users have shared and vice versa.

So why are comments this much important?

  1. Comments build your community.
  2. This is an excellent tool for customer service.
  3. Comments are a ranking assistant for the Instagram algorithm.
  4. It shows your target followers that you’re legit.

How to Pin a Comment on Instagram? (Manage Your Comments)

Although most of the comment writers comment with good intentions and wish to interact, there are some haters on this platform, as well as on other social networks, which share some bad and full of hate comments, especially on celebrities’ posts.

Conversely, if a user has written an informative comment or complimented your production in the comment section, you can make it bold using the “Pin” option.

What is a pin, and how can we use it on this social application?

What is Pin and How to Pin a Comment on Instagram?

Instagram offers its users the ability to pin comments to the top of their comments list on all of their posts. A pinned comment always stays on top of the list.

To pin a comment, find the comment you like and wish to pin. Whether it is a funny or informative comment, it can be anything you like the most among the other comments and want to have on top.

What is Pin and How to Pin a Comment on Instagram?

Then swipe left on the comment; after that, tap on the pushpin icon. After you pinned a comment, the user whose statement you pinned will receive a notification from Instagram. This notification is by default; you can’t mute it or prevent it from sending.

Here are the steps you can use to pin a comment on Instagram:

  1. Head to your Instagram app and go to your home feed.
  2. Then you have to find one of your posts.
  3. Scroll through your comments and find one you wish to have at the top of the list.
  4. Swipe left on the comment, or tap on it, and then tap your finger on the thumbtack icon.
  5. Now, if you want to pin that comment, you have to tap on “Pin Comment.”
  6. Finally, the comment will be at the top. You can repeat this method for up to 3 pinned comments.

If you want to manage your comments section on Instagram, check this link, and get all the information you need to know.

What is Pin and How to Pin a Comment on Instagram?

Now, what if you don’t want this comment to be at the top of the list anymore?

How can you unpin a comment on Instagram?

If you want to unpin the pinned comment, you only have to swipe again on the comment and tap the thumbtack icon, then remove it. This won’t delete or hide the comment; it just makes it a regular comment again.

Note: you can’t pin your own comment on your Instagram post.

Altogether now

You can pin your favorite comment on the Instagram comments section to make them stay at the top of the list. Pic comments can showcase your most interesting or informative comments, worth standing at the top.

This action highlights that comments and makes other users see them easily. So this is an option worth trying and helps you with some points you don’t even pay attention to. Use this feature, and then share your ideas with us about it.


If you have any inquiries on this topic, share them with us in the section below, and we’ll reply to you as soon as possible.

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