What Type of Content is Most Popular on Instagram in 2023?


Visual content like photos and videos are 40 times more likely to get liked and shared by the users on social networks. So there is no wonder why Instagram is constantly increasing and developing. This visual-based platform is more popular nowadays than at any time before.

We are here to examine which kind of content gets more attention, and users tend to like and follow these types of content on Instagram more than others.

The more reliant people become on these visual-content-based social media, the more pressure there is for digital marketers to adapt and find ways to engage the audience.

Some Instagram business managers may see this as a difficult challenge to understand Instagram marketing and engagement.

You can consider it as an excellent opportunity to capture an engaged group of people. But on one condition! And that is knowing which content to post.

What Type of Content is Most Popular on Instagram in 2022?

In this article, we have gathered the most popular content on Instagram, which has always been the trend, and people have shown more interest in them.

Type of content that is most popular on Instagram in 2022

Every user on Instagram wants to know what kind of content is most popular on this platform in 2022. More often, sharing about trendy topics is a good way to increase interest in your account. However, you can’t do it all the time.

So here, we have listed the most famous content, so you can share it on your account and increase your engagement and reach.

  1. Animals (Cats & Dogs)

Cats and dogs are popular on Instagram as they are in the real world! The funnier or cuter the videos or pictures, the better. These 2 animals aren’t the only ones Instagram users love. Photos of wildlife or other animals like owls, whales, birds, and others also do well.

Animal videos or photos in which the creature has a uniquely human-like expression or is doing something humanistic are well-liked and engaging.

What Type of Content is Most Popular on Instagram in 2022?

  1. Food

Delicious food is something we can all relate to. It’s no surprise that food is one of the top content when it comes on Instagram. There are many IG accounts dedicated to the art of food, which you may have followed them.

It turns out most Instagram users really do enjoy seeing a photo of lunch or dinner. In particular, posts on food art or creative dishes do incredibly well and make great engagement.

So if you are a chef, someone just with a passion for cooking, or a food photographer, you can be successful with this visual-based app.

  1. Inspirational quotes

Inspirational quotes give you a lot of engagement and are a great way to connect with other IG users. The best kinds of these quotes are motivational or a universal matter to communicate with Instagram followers.

These types of posts are great for fitness accounts, sports, or entrepreneurial industries. There is something in these types of posts that get others excited. They give users a warm feeling that inspires and makes them take action.

What Type of Content is Most Popular on Instagram in 2022?

  1. Selfies or portraits

Believe it or not, photos including human faces get 38% likes more than photos without faces. So if you are an influencer, you can easily share your own images.

If you are a brand owner, you can post your photo with a caption about yourself, like a biography. You can also create a highlight “About me” using your photos.

Not only could it help to sell your products online on this platform, but it’s also an amazing opportunity to show yourself in a down-to-earth way.

  1. Trending

Instagram and other platforms go through a trend where every user wants to take the same kind of picture, often with a concise caption and the trend’s specific hashtag.

What Type of Content is Most Popular on Instagram in 2022?

  1. Video content

A Video post captures more attention, and it is a great way to get Instagram users to linger over your posts rather than just scrolling quickly on their feeds. You can observe how many people have viewed your post, which is a great way to see how far your video content is reaching.

As we have previously mentioned, Video content has double the engagement rate of photos. Videos receive more views and comments, making users stop and watch them even for seconds.

  • An important thing to remember about sharing videos on Instagram:

Be sure to invest in good-quality editing software so your video can look its best.

What Type of Content is Most Popular on Instagram in 2022?

Final Thoughts

Instagram is a growing opportunity for business owners to engage with their ideal and target audience.

But you need to know the ways to master an Instagram strategy. To be honest, you can’t completely do it, yet you can seek the always wanted and shared content.

You also need to maintain consistency with the content you have chosen to share. Because without consistency, your engagement will decrease. Here we have listed the most popular content on Instagram; you can take a look and use them to boost your account.


Please inform us in the remarks section if you have second thoughts on this subject. We are looking to hearing from you.

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