What is Professional Account on Instagram?


As you know, Instagram has over 1 billion users daily, and the number of people going online every day is stunning. So this fact makes Instagram an outstanding platform for doing whatever you want to be more successful in your work or business.

We already mentioned that you could create 2 types of accounts on this visual sharing app:

  • Personal
  • Professional accounts

Here we want to go through the advantages of creating a professional account and the way you can promote your account to the professional one.

We will discuss all the details and mention the differences between these 2 accounts. So let’s dive in!

Professional account on Instagram

What is a professional account?

By creating a professional account on Instagram, you’ll be able to access more tools and features for managing your business.

These tools can help you understand your audience’s needs and also your content performance. You can see whether your followers like the content you are making or not.

Or even you can have more access to their information related to your business.

We have 2 types of professional accounts that can choose from:

  1. Business Account – for businesses and brands.
  2. Creator Account – for influencers, artists, and others same as this groups.

You can choose between these 2, it is optional, but we recommend you select them as our guide. This will help you to act better in your profession.

By creating a professional account, you can access extra features for managing your business. One of them is Instagram insights.

Instagram insights can help you analyze your performance the same as your followers’ on your account.

professional account on Instagram

Now let’s see the features of creating a professional account on Instagram?

In the following part, you can see some of the activated features when you promote your regular account to a professional one, and They help you to improve your business and marketing:

  • Link to your Facebook business page

With a linked page, you can determine admins and editors who can have entrance to manage your Instagram account as an administrator. With linking to your Facebook account, you will be able to use another feature of Instagram, which is the Instagram shop or Insta shop.

  • Instagram Insights

This ability caters to further information, such as insights into your followers and your posts.

You can also see the listed posts ranked by engagement and identity. Being aware of this information about the posts helps you to grow.

  • Contact information

Professional accounts can add a contact feature on their main profile page. This information can be directions, phone numbers, or email addresses.

If you have an address and want to add it, its place will be beneath your profile description.

  • Category label

Professional accounts have a category label below the profile picture. This category will appear after choosing one from your account’s setting section.

You can set out or hide your category label after setting up.

  • Secondary Inbox

If you change your account to a professional one, you will have access to your DMs with two tabs: Primary and General. This can help out categorize the messages and notifications you receive by preference.

  • Rank your Requests

You’ll be able to organize new message requests from accounts you don’t follow by date or by known accounts.

Momentarily the question is why we should create an Instagram business profile?

Suppose you own a brand looking to create an account on Instagram and use the platform more professionally.

In that case, you need an Instagram professional account to help you improve and develop your business.

The reason is there are more features to a business profile that can help you enhance and grow as a pro brand.

We mentioned a few of the benefits of using an Instagram professional account so you can be familiar with the way it works.

Besides all that we added above, another benefit is that your followers will take you more seriously if you create a pro account.

If you look at the differences between professional and personal accounts, you’ll notice the differences.

Professional account on Instagram

How to change our account to a professional account?

Now that you are conscious of the advantages and you want to improve your account to a higher level, let’s walk you through the process:

  1. tap on your profile picture, and tap on the 3 line menu.
  2. Find the setting part, and then “Accounts.”
  3. In this part, scroll down, and you’ll see a blue notification at the bottom of the page, which contains: switch to Professional Account, or add new Professional Account.

Using this structure, you can switch to a pro account or add one and access the benefit of a business or creator account.

How to shift to a personal Instagram account into a professional one again?

We are giving the structures, but just in case, if you decide that a pro account like business or creator isn’t for you and it’s not your cup of tea.

You can easily switch your account following these steps:

  1. Navigate to your account settings from the setting menu.
  2. When you scroll down, the previous notifications are replaced with two other options: Switch to Personal Account or Switch to Creator/Business Account.

Last words

Instagram has nearly 1 billion users each month, and 5 hundred million of those are watching Instagram Stories daily. 2 hundred million users visit at least one business profile a day.

To sum it up, this platform has an enormous audience, and you have to know how to use this opportunity. A professional account offers you many tools to improve your activity on Instagram and take care of your business better.

If you’re an influencer, marketing a business, or own a brand, then a Professional account is what you need on Instagram.

Still, a personal account will be acceptable if you use this platform to connect with your friends and families.

As you saw and read, the professional profile has lots of options and tools for you to make it easy to handle your marketing.

Remember which profile suits better, a creator or a business one?

If you haven’t changed your account, please share your reasons.

And if you had switched your profile, are you satisfied with the options and features or not?

We are waiting to hear from you in the comment section.

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