How to Read Instagram Direct Messages Without Being Seen?


Most Instagram users often wish to read someone’s message without them noticing. Whenever you read a message on Instagram, a “Seen” message appears below the chat bubble.

I guess we all wish so. We are often too busy to reply to a text, or sometimes it might happen when we want to avoid someone and prefer to read their messages without them knowing.

Since Instagram shows a “seen” sign after reading their messages, which seems like a serious problem. But don’t be worried. You can sneak into someone’s direct section without letting them even notice.

Now we want to show you a quick and simple hack to read Instagram messages without being seen by the user. If you are curious about this topic, stay with us till the end.

How to Read Instagram Direct Messages Without Being Seen?

How can you read Instagram direct messages without being seen?

Here we want to share 3 amazing solutions for you to check your direct messages without the users knowing.

There is one permanent and one temporary option to aim this goal. Here we cover all of them, and you can choose any one of them you like and prefer. The first solution is using WiFi. How? Let’s go.

Turning off your WiFi:

These hacks are indeed life-saving for Instagrammers! So try them out after reading and learning the whole steps.

How can you read a message without being seen in the direct section using WiFi? Here are the instructions:

  1. Head to your Instagram app and check your DM section.
  2. Open your phone’s control center or notification bar, and turn off WiFi or your mobile data.
  3. Go back to your Instagram DMs and ensure that you switched off the mobile data and WiFi.
  4. After that, if you check the messages, the “seen” report won’t appear after you read the message since your internet is off.
  5. When you switch on the internet (WiFi or mobile data), you will get a “seen” report on the DMs.

From now on. Whenever you received a message in your direct section that you didn’t want to read, but you were eager to see what it is, just try this hack and enjoy it.

How to Read Instagram Direct Messages Without Being Seen?

While trying this trick, let’s move to the other one and see how it works.

Restrict the user on Instagram:

These are the most straightforward steps to read the direct messages on your Instagram without the users knowing:

  1. Open the user’s profile.
  2. Select “restrict” from the three-dot menu on the top right corner of their profile.
  3. This will restrict them on Instagram.
  4. Now open the users’ profile and select “message.”
  5. Although you have restricted them, their messages will disappear from your direct section, and they will be in the “Message requests.”
  6. After reading the message, they have sent to you, go back and find their account and unrestricted them.
  7. The messages again will appear in your direct without any notification of seeing them.

These are the best, and the most genius hacks you can use when you have an unwanted message in the Instagram direct section.

How to Read Instagram Direct Messages Without Being Seen?

The good point of these hacks is that the user that has sent you a message won’t notify you have done something; the “seen” mark doesn’t appear!

Be relieved that when you restrict a user on Instagram, this app won’t let them know because of the policies. If you like to learn more about how to “Restrict” someone on Instagram, you can check this article; we have thoroughly explained it to you.

When someone has sent you a single text:

If you want to read a single text, you can use your notification bar. Just gently swipe down the message, and the whole message will appear.

If you did this hack and it didn’t work, you can turn on the “Auto Rotation” of your screen and then rotate your phone; now, again, try the swipe down on the message you have got.

At this time, the whole message will appear in the notification bar without opening your Instagram direct section.

How to Read Instagram Direct Messages Without Being Seen?

I have tried this tip when I’m so lazy to use the “restrict” or “WiFi” hacks! So feel free to use anyone more accessible to you.

To wrap it up

This article contains the best and the most valuable tips to read an Instagram direct message without being “Seen.” You can use these hacks to read a message without the sender noticing it.

What are these 3 hacks?

  1. Restrict the Instagram users.
  2. Turn off your WiFi/mobile data.
  3. Use your notification bar.

You can read all the three hacks mentioned here and tell us what you think about them. And please allow us to know which one you prefer the most, and it is more practical.


If you need more Instagram tips and tricks, write for us in the below section.

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