How to Rearrange Instagram Highlights In 2023+ Simple Steps


Instagram users are now one of the most significant populations among the other social media. There are one billion Instagram users who are sharing posts and stories daily on this fantastic app.

One of the most used features, as you already know, is the Instagram story and a follow the Instagram highlights.

We have talked about these fantastic tools, more or less. For instance, have you ever tried downloading Instagram highlights on your phone or PC? You can check this link and follow the guide if you want to know how to download Instagram highlights.

You don’t have a feature to reorder the Instagram story highlights in the highlight section. You create the highlights on your profile, and as you add your new photos or videos in, the initial order gets messed up. But you can reorder the highlights.

You can change the arrangement of your story highlights. Here we want to mention its ways and help you to organize Instagram highlights in 2022.

How can you rearrange Instagram highlights in 2022?

How can you rearrange Instagram highlights in 2022?

In this paper, you will learn three ways to arrange your highlights if there are messed up. So follow the steps carefully to make your profile more organized and catchy.

  1. Add any kind of story you want to highlight you wish to move to the beginning.

When you add content to a story highlight, it moves to the first place among your other highlight folders. So doing this action will change and organize your highlight order.

It doesn’t matter what kind of a story you choose to add and whether it is related to the other highlights or not. You can remove it afterward.

The moment you add a story to the desired highlight, Instagram will reorganize your highlights.

How to Rearrange Instagram Highlights In 2022

  1. Create a Few more Story Highlights for your account.

If you already have story highlights, you can skip this step. You can reorder the ones that you already have created. This step will cover creating a story highlight on your IG profile.

  • In the first step, go to your profile and tap on the + button next to the activity section.
  • It will open a pop-up with the following options: Post, Story, Reel, and Live.
  • Click on the Story option and then post a story.
  • Then you have to click on the posted story and select the “Highlights” icon at the bottom right of your screen.
  • This will cater to adding a new highlight to your profile. If you do not have more than 1 highlight, you can create enough, so there are at least 3 highlights or more.

The next trick you can use to rearrange Instagram highlights is editing the highlight you want to make the first one.

How to Rearrange Instagram Highlights In 2022

  1. Edit the Highlight You Wish to Make the First one in the row.

Go to your Instagram profile and then click on the story highlight, which you want to move to the beginning.

  • On the bottom right of your page, click on the “More,” then select the “Edit Highlight” option.
  • Select a random story, and then you need to click “Done” on the top corner of the screen.

After you have proceeded with these steps, the last step is waiting for you in the below section.

  1. Remove the Randomly Selected Story.

Now last but not least is to click on your first story in the highlighted folder and go to the Stories tab, then unselect the random story.

At the end of the process, the story you have edited is in the first slot. Enjoy it!

How to Rearrange Instagram Highlights In 2022 + Simple Steps

In a summary

These mentioned ways may not be straightforward and might seem a bit tricky. However, rearranging the story highlights is easy.

You can move a highlight to the first through the mentioned steps in the above section. You can follow the steps above if you like to rearrange many highlights.

All in all, the gist of the process is to click on a highlight you want to be first on your Instagram account, edit the desired highlight, select random content under the stories tab, and save.

Then, click on the first highlight and unclick the chosen post. This will give you the ability to reorder and organize your story highlights.


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