How to Reply to a Single Message on Instagram? (Android & iPhone)


There is no doubt that Instagram is one of the applications that we use the most. We also use it to chat with our friends and have a long conversation. For this, we need to know all its features and use them in our texting.

Using all the options in the chat can help you have a smooth conversation.

Most of the social applications have the feature of replying to texts in their chats. It is helpful because it prevents confusion while texting. Back then, replying on Instagram was not available, and people were not uncomfortable with that.

The direct section didn’t have this ability, but recently you can do it, which is so pleasant. Knowing which message you are responding to and clarifying it is excellent. Because the tune isn’t involved, and it can be a misunderstanding.

Here, we want to know how we can reply to a text in the direct section of Instagram for Android and iPhone devices. Let’s get to know how we can do that on our devices.

How to reply to a text on Instagram for iPhone devices?

To respond to a message you have received on Instagram, for iPhone devices, you must first check if your Instagram is updated. Also, you need to check and update your direct message.

To make sure of it, follow the steps below:

  • Head to your main page and open Settings.
  • Tap on “Update messaging.”
  • Select the messenger icon in the right corner to access messages.
  • Open a conversation in the direct part. It doesn’t matter it is private or group.
  • Choose the message you want to reply to and hold on to it. Swipe right to see an arrow for replying.
  • After this process, you’ll see the text above your input. Write your text and send it. Enjoy the replying option.

How to Reply to a Message on Instagram? (Android & iPhone)

How to reply to a text on Instagram for Android devices?

For replying in the direct section on an Android device, you also need to update your direct message, and then follow the guidance below:

Use this structure to reply to a single text on your android device:

  • On the app, go to your profile at the bottom of the screen.
  • Find the setting and tap on Update messaging.
  • Go to the direct section in your feed, and find a conversation.
  • Select your desired text and hold on to it. Swipe to the left, and it will appear above the text box.
  • Bingo! Now you can enjoy the replying option.

There is another way for replying messages which you can follow the structure to do:

  • Find your text and hold on to it until appearing three action options.
  • Above the input box, you’ll see the “Reply” option.
  • Now you can type in the reply section, and when you send the message, you’ll see your message is a reply to the desired text.

How to Reply to a Message on Instagram? (Android & iPhone)

How to reply to a text on Instagram on your PC?

You can both use the app, and your browser to use Instagram on your PC, or laptop. After downloading the last version of Instagram for your computer, follow the steps below:

  1. Open the Instagram app, and then go to the feed.
  2. Tap on the messenger icon at the top of your screen.
  3. In a conversation, find a message you want to reply to.
  4. Tap on the dots next to the selected text.
  5. Among the options, tap on reply.
  6. Now you can send your text as a reply.

Using this guidance, you can reply to all the texts as needed. It doesn’t matter it is a private chat, or you want to respond to a message in a group.

Combining Facebook Messenger and Instagram Direct

As you already know, we can combine these two outstanding features and use all the options that both have. after linking your direct section to the Facebook Messenger, you can reply all the single texts you receive on Instagram.

For gaining more information about Instagram Direct and Messenger, you can check the link and enjoy this fantastic combination.

You also will have “Vanish Mode” and “Chat Colors” if you combine these two amazing tools.

How to Reply to a Message on Instagram? (Android & iPhone)

Long story short

Instagram is the fastest-growing social media platform. Nowadays, people use Instagram to chat with friends, businesses, and marketing and share moments with their followers.

Knowing all the features will help you to explore this incredible app smoother. Replying on Instagram is one of the features that everyone was waiting for it. Now you can use the mentioned steps to reply to your desired texts.

All in all, you have these options to reply to a single message on this platform, but if you still can’t reply on the direct section, you need to ensure you have installed the latest Instagram version on your phone.


Please share any questions and remarks with us in the comment section if you have any comments. We are waiting to hear from you.

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