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Instagram, this popular app, is one of the leading social media platforms, filled with people with different goals. Someone tries to communicate with their friends, and someone tries to start up their own business, etc.

One of the most used options of this app is “Instagram live.” Instagram live allows you to talk with your followers like you have a video call with them.

The difference between a video call and Instagram live is that only your face is revealed, and your followers have to type in the comment section in the live, and you can’t see their faces.

But you can invite them into your live! You can add up to 4 users to Instagram live if you want to know how you can go live on Instagram with multiple users, check this link to find out.

This feature is one of the best options on Instagram influencers makes use of it a lot.

Now let’s get to the main discussion. When your idol or your best friend goes on live, how can you watch it? How to see who’s live on Instagram?

How to See Who is Live on Instagram

Let’s find out then but before, let us talk about Instagram live a bit more.

What is Instagram Live?

We talked a little about Instagram live in the last paragraph. This feature lets the host communicate with their followers. This option is available on both private and public pages.

The only difference between these two is that in private, only your followers can watch your live, but on a public page, everyone can watch it.

Followers can request to be in your live. This means that their face will reveal too, and both can talk like a video call. Also, your viewers can like and add comments to your live. The newest update of Instagram lets the owner of the page practice live before streaming and add a title to their IG live.

It may be a question for some of you: How can we go live on Instagram? Let us explain it:

If you want to start a live on your Instagram, go to the home of your Instagram, then tap on your profile pic on the top left corner of your phone.

How to See Who is Live on Instagram

Then if you look a bit down, you are going to see the live option. After that, you tap it; you can start your live video by tapping on the large button on your screen.

Also, before starting your Instagram live, you can add filters.

Now that we explained everything about what is Instagram live video it’s time to talk about our main deal. I mean the question of How to See Who’s Live on Instagram?

Ways to See Who’s Live on Instagram?

Today we will introduce you to 2 methods that will help you find out who is live on Instagram. Don’t worry; these methods are all tested and will help you a lot in finding Instagram lives.

Your followers’ Instagram live

Via this procedure, you will be able to find followers that go live. Well, it’s pretty simple, so don’t worry about it.

How to See Who's Live on Instagram

  • Check your notification bar

One of the most frequent ways of knowing who’s live on Instagram is checking your notification bar. When someone from your following starts a live video, it sends a notification to all their followers.

It doesn’t matter who the starter of the video is; you or Dua Lipa, Instagram will send this notification.

  • Story section

The second way that we are going to introduce is the story section. When you first enter your Instagram, you will confront the home page of Instagram.

In this part of Instagram, you can see posts that your followings posted, direct messages that your followers sent to you, and in the end, the stories people posted. If someone goes live on your page, their live will be at the beginning of the stories.

  • Tagline

Your following profile has 4 states of appearance:

  • There is nothing about the profile; this means that the user posted nothing in their stories.
  • If there is a purple-pink circle, it means that the user posted a story on their page.
  • In case the circle is grey, this means that you saw the story before
  • And if there is a thick purple-pink circle and a tagline named live on the user’s profile, this means that they are on live.

These are the several ways to know if someone is live on Instagram or not. Let’s get to the next part of our article, “How to See Who’s Live on Instagram.”

How to See Who's Live on Instagram

Lives are all over the Instagram app

In this part, we will teach you to find people who are live all over the Instagram app. In other words, people which you didn’t follow from all over the world.

  1. Open your Instagram app. There is a magnifier icon on the down left that people call the “search” section. There is a search box at the head of the page.
  2. Search for reels and Instagram lives. You are going to confront thousands of reels and IG lives.
  3. Search for the videos which are longer than 1 minute. You will be confronted with a tag named “username was live.”
  4. Tap on the live, then swipe up to see other users live on Instagram


See, there is nothing complicated about it. Working with Instagram is easy; you just have to dig a little into it, and everything will be done automatically.

Here we added the ways you can see who is live on Instagram and join their live stream.


Thanks for reading our article “How to See Who’s Live on Instagram?” If we missed anything about the title, please share it in the comment section.

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