Use Instagram Giveaways to Gain More Followers & Grow your Account


To have an active Instagram page, you need more engaged followers. If you want to make more followers or gain audiences faster, you need to use some tricks to help you in this way. You need some methods to find cooperative users that allow you to increase your engagement rate on Instagram.

In this article, we mention a great tip that affects your account’s growth. There are a few more reliable methods for developing an Instagram account, and here we are going to discuss this title.

As you can guess from the title, the “Instagram Giveaways” is the topic we want to go through and explain. As you know, people love free stuff.

No matter what they win, as long as it is qualified, they will feel blessed to have some gifts from the pages they follow and see daily.

Use Instagram Giveaways to Gain More Followers & Grow your Account

If you want to know more about how to do “Giveaways” on Instagram, stay with us till the end.

What are Instagram Giveaways, and how to use them?

Marketers on social media create a creative method to help them achieve their goals faster. And “Instagram Giveaways” is the best of them. Why? In the field of psychology, Instagram giveaways positively affect people.

Everybody loves the chance to get some free swag, whether it’s a buy-one-get-one offer or the opportunity to win a single but valuable product from a page that Instagram users follow, it brings them joy and makes them trust the page and its products.

We’ll be taking a look at how professional accounts can use giveaways and simultaneously promote their accounts on Instagram and build their fan base, how to reach new potential audiences and make them our loyal customers.

What is an Instagram Giveaway?

What is an Instagram Giveaway?

Instagram giveaways are promotions that are time-limited. You have probably seen Instagram giveaways if you spend a considerable time on this app.

Great brands and even small businesses use this to promote their products and services and gain more followers and audiences.

Brand owners on Instagram can even buzz about their new products or services using Instagram giveaways. It is the best way to introduce your new product or service most of the time.

Why Run an Instagram Giveaway?

There are many primary and fundamental reasons that you should know why even choosing giveaways to grow and expand your account and business on Instagram.

We have brought some of them in the following section:

  1. The first and most fundamental reason is growing your followers.
  2. To encourage your followers to share a specific post on your Instagram account.
  3. To find more and target customers on Instagram.
  4. Show your loyalty and the quality of your products and services.

A successful Instagram giveaway should accomplish these goals for the account and the business owner.

What is an Instagram Giveaway?

You need to share an eye-catching post, increase your followers’ participation, and make your post be more seen, shared, and receive more engagement.

Don’t miss the section below if you want to know how to share a successful Instagram giveaway.

How to run a successful Instagram Giveaway?

If you have decided to share a giveaway post on Instagram, it is better to read these tips and then run a more successful Instagram giveaway on your page.

  • Choose the exact Prize for Your Instagram Giveaway beforehand.

Before any action, you need to choose the prize of your giveaway regarding your financial situation, your account, and your followers’ personality.

You know your followers’ tastes and how to choose a prize for a win-win situation.

  • Decide the number of participants for Your Instagram Giveaway.

You need to write the exact entry number for your giveaway. How? You can write follow “this account” and tag 3 of your friends in this post. I will choose 5 winners out of the comments.

Giving the exact number makes your giveaway fairer, making your audience participate in your giveaways.

  • Decide till when the Instagram Giveaway Will Last?

You also need to give the exact date of the start and finish of your giveaway, so your followers know when you will announce the winners’ names.

How to run a successful Instagram Giveaway?

  • Create the best Instagram Giveaway Post, and share it on your stories.

As you know, this step is significant. Making the most attractive posts and adding them to your story makes more followers and audiences see your content, leading to a more successful giveaway on IG.

  • Create a “Reminder” to share in your story section for Your Instagram Giveaway.

This will make your followers remember the date and the time of your giveaways so they won’t miss this great chance.

  • Calculate the Results of Your Instagram Giveaway.

This will make you know the results and whether this giveaway was successful. You can compare it with your previous and next giveaways and see if this method is beneficial or not.

Use Instagram Giveaways to Gain More Followers & Grow your Account

  • Announce the winners of your Instagram giveaway broadly.

This step is as vital as the announcement of your giveaway. Make sure most of the participants know the winner.

You can share a limited-time post on your account and, at the same time, share the winners’ usernames in your story section.

It will be a relief for other participants to ensure the giveaway was accurate and the result was fair. These are the fundamental steps to run a successful giveaway on your account.

If you follow all of them, you will be surprised by the increase in your followers and engagement rate.

On the whole

No matter what kind of business you run on Instagram or what products or services you represent, you can always find a creative way to run giveaways on Instagram and boost your account. Here we have mentioned the most fundamental steps to follow and succeed in this journey.


If you have any questions on this topic or any ideas to add, please write them below. What is your experience? We are waiting to hear from you.

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