What does Vanish Mode Mean on Instagram? [How to use Vanish mode?]


Instagram “Vanish Mode” will add another level of privacy to your direct chats. So we decided to bring this topic here and discuss this feature.

As you surely know, Instagram has so many features, and it is a great platform that is suitable for all users because of its functional options. You can see so many tools in the setting section, in the insight section, and also in the direct message.

Using these elements makes it easier for you to communicate well and expand and grow your account and business on this visual-based platform.

So back to the topic: what is vanish Mode on Instagram? Not all DMs are meant to exist forever. To be honest, this is the idea behind Instagram’s Vanish Mode feature, and it lets you send temporary, self-destructing messages in an Instagram chat.

What does the Instagram “Vanish Mode” mean, and how to use it?

It only takes effect when you manually turn it on; otherwise, your messages are as permanent as default. Vanish Mode is a feature that debuted for Instagram users in late 2020.

What does the Instagram “Vanish Mode” mean, and how to use it?

If you want to use the “vanish mode” feature, you need to connect Instagram direct and messenger to have this option on your IG Dm.

You can check this article if you want to know how to connect Instagram Direct and Facebook Messenger. Now to use vanish Mode, you can follow the steps below and activate this feature.

To use “Vanish Mode” on Instagram, follow the process below:

  1. Head to the Instagram app and go to the direct messages by tapping the “Messenger” icon at the top right corner of the Instagram feed screen.
  2. Open an existing chat or use the “New Message” button at the top right to find a user and create a new conversation.
  3. To enable the Vanish Mode, swipe up from the bottom of the screen and release.
  4. The chat screen will turn black, and some “Shush” emojis will move downward from the top of your screen to indicate that Vanish Mode is on.
  5. You can send the messages as usual. The recipient’s chat screen will also be black, with a message on it indicating that it’s in Vanish Mode.
  6. After you are done, and you want to end Vanish Mode and go back to direct messaging as before, tap on “Turn off Vanish Mode” at the top of your screen.
  7. Both you and the users you have texted will exit Vanish Mode with one difference. You will be able to see the messages you sent when Vanish mode is on until you close the window. After that, they’ll all be gone forever.

What does vanish Mode mean on Instagram? [How to use Vanish mode?]

This is how you can enable vanish Mode and use it. This feature comes in handy when you want to send impermanent messages.

But there are some points that you need to consider:

  • This feature only works for one-on-one messages. Vanish Mode does not work for group chats and chats with more than two people.
  • The other user is notified immediately if a user takes a screenshot when Vanish Mode is on.

Why do some Instagram users Use Vanish Mode while texting?

Vanish Mode is just perfect for users if they are worried about snoopers looking through their chats. If security and privacy are important to you, then you can take advantage of Vanish Mode’s feature on Instagram.

You can use this secret feature if you want to have a very private chat with another user on Instagram. For instance, if you’re planning a big surprise party for your friend or your loved one, you can share all the details with other parties with Vanish Mode, so there is no chance of leaking information.

What does vanish Mode mean on Instagram? [How to use Vanish mode?]

All shared things, including texts, seen pictures, memes, stickers, or GIFs, will be gone after you turn off the vanish mode.

And also, keep in mind that messages on vanish mode show up regularly in the notification bar. You can’t use voice call or video call when this feature is ON!


Vanish Mode is an end-to-end encrypted conversation that Instagram and Facebook offer their users. And it is kind of a very secret and private chat that users can enable when it’s needed. Here we have added what vanish Mode meaning and how you can use it on Instagram.


If you have read the instructions, please let us know if there is any vague point. We will respond as soon as possible.

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