How to Voice Call on Instagram 2022? [On App & PC]


Instagram is not only a platform to share visual content, but it is a great app to speak with your mates, family, and followers. You can use the direct section to chat, make voice calls and video calls. You have so many options to make this conversation enjoyable.

We have talked about how you can make video calls on Instagram and your personal computer. Here we want to examine the voice call on Instagram.

Voice call is one of the most favorite options on Instagram, people might not always be ready for video chats, but you can catch them up for a quick voice call sometimes! And what is better than Instagram?

Instagram has fulfilled all the users’ desires and now has become a NO.1 app all over the world. And people can now use it to make calls and talk more and more with their beloved ones.

So, let’s know how Instagram voice call works and how we can use it on our devices?

How to Voice Call on Instagram 2022

How to voice call on Instagram 2022? (On Application)

If you like to make a voice call through your phone, you just need to follow simple steps. Instagram voice call is available on the direct section, and from there, you can call everyone who has an account on Instagram.

To make voice calls on Instagram, follow the steps below:

  1. Open the Instagram feed and find the airplane icon (Direct Section) in the top right corner to voice call on Instagram.
  2. Then you have to select the user you wish to call. If they are not on your direct section, you can search their username in the search bar.
  3. Tap on the chat to start a voice call
  4. Find the phone icon to make an Instagram voice call from the upper right side.

Now talk as long as you want with your friends and enjoy this experience on Instagram.

How to Voice Call on Instagram 2022

How to voice call on Instagram 2022? (On PC/ Laptop)

Consider you are accessing your Instagram account on your PC and Laptop, and you want to make a voice call. It’s a bit different because, as you know, Instagram is a phone app and some features are not available on its desktop version.

But there are some methods you can make your calls on your PC. If you want to make voice calls on your Instagram desktop version, you need to use third-party apps unless you won’t be able to do that.

2 apps can be a great help for you to make Instagram voice calls on your desktop:

  1. BlueStacks.
  2. NoxPlayer.

The first one is also working on Linux devices if you are interested. Using them is pretty simple. All you must do is install them and enjoy making calls on your Instagram desktop version.

How to use BlueStacks?

  1. Download it from its authorized website and install it.
  2. Open and search for Instagram on the bar.
  3. Now you have to Install Instagram.
  4. Run Instagram from the BlueStacks homepage.
  5. On the opened window, log into your account. Then tap on the button in the top right corner of the homepage.
  6. Click on the button from the top bar and choose the user you want to call. It is done!

The steps are simple, and if you want to have the Instagram voice call option on your PC, it will suit you. Now let’s move on to the other software and know how it works.

How to Voice Call on Instagram 2022

How to use NoxPlayer?

  1. After downloading the software, open it, then install and run Instagram on it.
  2. Later, log in to your Instagram account and go to your feed.
  3. The rest is similar to the previous app. Find the person you want to call, and you are done.

Although it might take more than calling on your phone, it is a fun experience, and if you want to try, you will enjoy the process.

How to make a group voice call on Instagram?

You can make group calls on the Instagram direct section. This could be a fun experience for you and your friends. If you like to make a group voice call on this application, just follow the steps below:

Just as you want to call a user:

  1. On the Instagram app, head to the direct suction from the upper right corner of the feed.
  2. Search for the group name you wish to call.
  3. Then, tap on your group chat section.
  4. Select the audio call option from the upper right menu.

And surprise the group member by calling them!

How to Voice Call on Instagram 2022

In the end

Instagram has provided many features for the users to make their hour on Instagram more enjoyable. Calling your followers in one of them. If you want to call someone on Instagram, you have to head to your direct section and find them.

But on PC, it is a bit different, and you need to get help from the other apps that we have mentioned above.

Those are the favorite apps that you can use, even to make video calls on Instagram. They provide a phone-like situation, and you can run Instagram and access more options.


Have you ever used Instagram on your desktop? Which one do you prefer to use to call your friends and family? Please share your experience with us.

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