Why Your Account Doesn’t Grow on Instagram In 2022?


During your time on Instagram, you might sometimes face that you had progressed well, but after a while, the progress stops. You might think that it isn’t related to your activity since you are doing everything as before.

But here, we want to discuss why we can’t grow on Instagram thoroughly. This might be related to the Instagram algorithm, since it is changing.

Besides all of these, there are other possibilities that block your way of developing your account. After reading this article, you need to analyze your activity and see what you were doing wrong and your mistakes.

Let’s see what these blunders are and how you can act better on this new Instagram.

Why Your Account Doesn't Grow on Instagram In 2022

Why your account doesn’t grow on Instagram?

In the next part, we will mention some of the mistakes you might be making in the process of expanding your Instagram account if you detect all these problems and try to improve them. You will again start your development and gain more followers and engagement rates.

  • Engage with other Instagrammers

The first and significant mistake that some users make when they gain a considerable number of followers is that they stop responding to their comments and DMs.

In the last version of the Instagram algorithm, more people would see your account if you had more followers. But no more in 2022!

For the new Instagram, Algorithm interaction matters the most. How can you interact? Start a conversation in the comments or direct section. Like other users’ posts and make comments for them. React and reply to their stories.

As you make real, relevant, and sometimes fun interactions, your engagement rate will grow faster. This leads to expanding your Instagram profile.

Why Your Account Doesn't Grow on Instagram In 2022

  • Make your audience comment more meaningful and longer

Commenting with generic replies doesn’t count as an interaction. Whether you are commenting on other posts or your followers are making comments on yours.

Don’t reply with simple words, and try to ask a question in your captions to make your audience reply with meaningful sentences.

If you are receiving many emojis in your comment section, don’t get excited! Emojis and single words in the comments won’t increase your engagement rate.

The quality is more substantial than the quantity for the Instagram algorithm.

If you receive comments of more than 3 words, that counts as an interaction. So this is why we are insisting you write a great call to action at the end of your captions on Instagram.

  • You have forgotten to use #hashtags

Since Instagram has keyword search, the hashtags are becoming more important than any other time. The algorithm uses hashtags to find users and make them be seen.

You can add up to 30 hashtags in your posts, so why not use them? Make your hashtags as relevant as your post so that target audiences can find you.

Why Your Account Doesn't Grow on Instagram In 2022

  • Don’t make your posts seem fake by over-editing them

Making your pictures brighten or too whiten can decrease the reality of your content. And as you know, real content speaks first on Instagram. Head to other successful accounts and see how they edit and share their content. Gather some inspiration, and then you can edit better.

  • Pay attention to your posting time

Yes, time is not important, since Instagram’s feed is not based on time anymore. BUT, as you know, the more you engage in 30 minutes after you share your content, the more your content acts better and might be shown on the explore part.

So this engagement depends upon the presence of your followers. All in all, time is still influential. And don’t forget the upcoming feature of Instagram in which you will have 3 categories for your feed, and one of them is chronological.

  • Your account doesn’t follow a theme

You need to share content that represents your identity. For that, you need first to create that identity. This is called a theme or niche. If you want your followers to know your posts or your brand’s tune, or if they see something outside that reminds them of you.

Make a unique theme for your bio, highlights, posts, and captions. Use branded hashtags and make your first impression better by doing all these things.

Why Your Account Doesn't Grow on Instagram In 2022

Try to grab your audience’s attention when they first see your Instagram profile. Using a clear and meaningful, and creative username can also be helpful.

  • You have lost your strategy on Instagram

Knowing what your account is all about; makes you not lose your Instagram strategy and helps you detect problems and fix them.

Consider a situation at hand, and you are waiting for your followers to, for example, check your site and buy your new product. Don’t wait for your followers, and try to familiarize yourself with new followers.

If your old strategies don’t work, update them and make them more suitable with the new Instagram algorithm.

Don’t forget to write your goals and plan to achieve them. Use Instagram ads and communicate with other brands and marketers to learn and grow on this platform.

Why Your Account Doesn't Grow on Instagram In 2022

  • You have started to share lame posts!

Never forget that your content must be as creative as you can to catch your audiences’ attention and add some effects to them. If you can’t find ideas, post less and work on their quality.

You can even ask your followers to fix this problem on your story section and share polls and question boxes.

In a final point

On Instagram, you have so much to do to develop and grow your account. All you have to do is follow the algorithm and do as suits the Instagram algorithm. Then add some creativity and put much time into your account if you see that you have stopped growing.

Besides all of these tips, the most crucial point is analyzing your data after each month or 2 or3. Analyzing can help you find the gaps and make decisions to fix them.


Do you have anything to add based on your experiences on Instagram? Which structures did you use to develop your account? Please share them with us in the section below.

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