Best Gaming Hashtags for Instagram (Make Money with Gaming)


Gaming is one of the most popular hobbies all over the world. Everyone from every age loves to play games. No one could deny this fact.

Some people couldn’t show their love for gaming just by playing it, so they turned this hobby into an online business.

We will talk about this business in the following paragraphs, so don’t worry.

Today we are going to talk about the best gaming hashtags for Instagram, which online gamers use on their Instagram accounts to reach the explore section and attract other game lovers.

So, let’s get started, but first, it’s better to know what businesses we can make by gaming and what hashtags to use with it.

Best Gaming Hashtags for Instagram

Businesses that we can make with the help of gaming

Being a gamer may be one of the best jobs you can find worldwide. It’s not all about playing games and earning money. You can do anything related to the games, and our team will introduce those jobs.

  • Sell used games and consoles.

Honestly, it’s one of the best activities in the gaming industry because a large community of people tries to sell used games on the console. And be sure your games or console will be sold within a week or even less.

  • Rent out equipment

People are always searching for good equipment when they want to play games, so this business can be significant.

  • Gaming itself

There are various tournaments for gamers all over the world with incredible money prizes. You can find various matches where the best players of each game gather together, compete, and try to win the tournament.

Best Gaming Hashtags for Instagram

  • Streaming on Twitch or YouTube

Twitch and YouTube have become the two best game streaming platforms. Gamers gather on these two platforms and stream their gameplay while they are having fun with their fans and subscribers. Besides, it can be a tremendous money-maker activity.

  • Gaming lounge

As we said before, gaming is popular among people no matter what age is. Regarding this fact, a gaming lounge can be one of the best choices if you want to play games outside with your friends, relatives, etc.

It’s a good idea to start up a business with the help of gaming.

Well, these jobs are some of the best ones you can start in the gaming field; but it may be a question for you guys “What’s the relationship between gaming and hashtags” so let us explain.

What’s the relationship between gaming and hashtags?

Hashtags are one of the features that help Instagram users make their pages more popular. We mean that they want to do their own business to be on sight and get more impressions with the help of hashtags.

You can write hashtags no matter what you are doing because be sure that there are enough hashtags about every kind of job on Instagram.

Gaming is so popular, so don’t be shocked if you see millions of gaming hashtags on Instagram.

Best Gaming Hashtags for Instagram

Now let’s get to know the best gaming hashtags for Instagram.

Best gaming hashtags on Instagram

Before introducing the best gaming hashtags for Instagram, let us give you some tips about it. Foremost, try to use popular games and gaming industries and hashtags on your posts.

Gaming hashtags such as:

#callofduty #fifa #pes #mortalkombat #forza #godof war, etc. You can use every game that you have in your mind as hashtags.

The second fact is that there are some hashtags that everyone should use if they want to get their post more impression on Instagram, such as #game #gaming #gamers.

These hashtags are pretty simple, and that’s why they get so much search on Instagram. Try to use them in every post which is about gaming.

Now let’s get to the part about the best gaming hashtags on Instagram:

#videogames #games #gamer #envywear #PleaseForgiveMe #gaming #instagaming #instagamer #onlinegaming #videogameaddict #instagame #gamestagram #gamerguy #gamergirl #gamin #video #game #igaddict #winning #play #playing #playinggames

#gaming #ps #gamer #playstation #games #xbox #game #nintendo #videogame #twitch #gamers #pc #gamergirl #pcgaming #retrogaming #instagamer #fortnite #gamingcommunity #anime #instagaming #gta #streamer #cosplay #retrogames


#callofduty #retro #gamerlife #meme #twitchstreamer #retrogamer #fallout #s #sony #gameplay #follow #gamestagram #gaminglife #virtualphotography #videojuegos #pcgamer #sega #fanart #online #photomode #gamersofinstagram #geek #gamerguy

These are the best possible gaming hashtags on Instagram that you can use if you want to get more impressions in your posts and expand your account.

And the list that we are going to add the most popular and most used gaming hashtags on Instagram:

  1. #videogames
  2. #games
  3. #gamer
  4. #envywear
  5. #gaming
  6. #playinggames
  7. #onlinegaming
  8. #videogameaddict
  9. #instagame
  10. #gamestagram
  11. #gamerguy
  12. #gamergirl
  13. #gamin
  14. #winning
  15. #play
  16. #playing

Use them in your post. But choose the most related ones to your content, and you will see the result of using the correct hashtags in your Instagram posts.

Best Gaming Hashtags for Instagram

In a nutshell

As you can see, gaming is one of the best possible jobs where you can make a considerable amount of money while getting help from the hashtags on Instagram.

You should know what hashtags you should use besides the most frequent ones that everyone uses and find hashtags that match with your related to the gaming.

We recommend exploring the gaming industry if you want to have fun while earning money. Thanks for reading our article about the best gaming hashtags for Instagram.


Are you a gamer? Do you use Instagram as a platform to make money introducing your job? Please create a conversation down here.

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