What are the Banned Hashtags on Instagram? [How to Avoid Them?]


As going on the Instagram “Explore” section becomes essential for business accounts, hashtags are getting more critical. You indeed have your related hashtags if you have a good and constant Instagram strategy.

And if you own a business or a brand on this platform, you definitely have your branded Instagram hashtags.

As a professional Instagram user, you know the worse of these tags. Still, you can check this article if you want complete guidance about Instagram Hashtag and some tips for increasing followers.

We have posted a lot about these essential tags and their usage. We also have some updates about searching multiple hashtags on Instagram and many special tags related to specific people and businesses.

But here, we have chosen another important topic regarded IG hashtags. Now we want to know what the banned hashtags on Instagram are. Briefly, what is a banned hashtag?


What are the Banned Hashtags on Instagram? [How to Avoid Them?]

If you use hashtags on your Instagram posts but you didn’t reach the Instagram explore, you might have used banned hashtags!

Let’s see what the banned hashtags on Instagram are and how to avoid them.

What are the banned hashtags on Instagram?

As you might imagine, according to the name given to these types of hashtags, the banned tags are against Instagram’s guidelines.

So, when you create a beautiful and engaging post, share it, and notice that Instagram has deleted your post, you need to check your hashtags, and you might find the reason behind it.

We have 2 types of banned hashtags which are:

  1. Hashtags that are against Instagram’s Community Guidelines.
  2. Hashtags that bots or spammers create and share.

We want to give some examples so you can better understand them.

What are the banned hashtags on Instagram?

Examples of the banned hashtags on Instagram:

  • #alone
  • #beautyblogger
  • #boho
  • #brain
  • #costumes
  • #date
  • #dating
  • #desk
  • #dm
  • #elevator
  • #hardworkpaysoff
  • #happythanksgiving
  • #iphonegraphy
  • #italiano
  • #models
  • #mustfollow
  • #newyearsday
  • #petite
  • #pushups
  • #saltwater
  • #shower
  • #single
  • #singlelife
  • #skype
  • #snap
  • #snapchat
  • #snowstorm
  • #sopretty
  • #stranger
  • #streetphoto
  • #sunbathing
  • #swole
  • #tag4like
  • #tanlines
  • #teens
  • #thought
  • #undies
  • #valentinesday
  • #workflow

These are some of the banned hashtags you can’t use on your Instagram posts. You have to avoid them if you don’t want Instagram to ban your post. Now let’s see what happens if you use them.

What are the banned hashtags on Instagram?

What will Instagram do if you use banned hashtags?

Consider you didn’t know that you should have avoided the “thought” or “alone” hashtags, and now you have used it! If you are lucky, your post will get low or no engagement at all. And your posts can’t reach the explore section.

But if you use them a lot, Instagram will ban your post, or even your account might be shadowban. So, pay attention; don’t use these banned hashtags at all or at least frequently.

How can you avoid banned hashtags on Instagram?

Banned hashtags change often, and Instagram doesn’t share a list of them so that you can avoid them! What can you do in this case?

Try to search the hashtags you want to use on your Instagram posts before using them to ensure they aren’t banned.

You also can search through google and from sites like us to gather all the banned hashtags and try to delete them from your hashtags list.

What are the banned hashtags on Instagram?

If you follow a hashtag strategy and have created a large bank of Instagram hashtags, don’t worry! Because you have gathered the most related hashtags regarding your business, you and your team will pick the most relevant ones for your posts.

Some Instagram users have a list of hashtags and pick them by order. It might speed up sharing a post on Instagram, but the hashtags might not be relevant, so all you have done would be worthless.

Give more time to finding tags, and then the most crucial process is choosing the most related ones to your content.

Try to save time but also pay attention to the quality of your posts. If you have picked the most relevant and appropriate tags but still think you need to do more with hashtags because they are not working! And they don’t help you to reach the explore.

What are the banned hashtags on Instagram?

You can read the following section carefully.

Instagram reasons for banned hashtags:

As mentioned above, some hashtags are banned forever, and some might be forbidden for a while. There are some reasons that Instagram bans specific hashtags, which we have added to the following list:

  1. They involve hating speech or threats.
  2. Hashtags containing nudity.
  3. Hashtags that spread hate regarding special groups or contain terrorist groups.
  4. Tags that contain violence.
  5. Repetitive spam Instagram hashtags that are shared with bots or fake accounts.

How can you guess if a hashtag is not working or has been banned?

You can search for the tag on the Instagram search tab and look for the very recent posts. The hashtags that are temporarily banned will have the message that says:

“Recent posts from (the searched hashtag) are hidden because the community has reported content that may not meet Instagram’s community guidelines.”

On a final note

Hashtags are important keys to reaching the explore section, which means more views and more engagement with your post. Using them correctly will boost your account and helps you develop your account faster.

But on the other hand, banned hashtags are dangerous to use! They might block your content or lead to an account shadowban.

In this paper, you can find the recent banned Instagram hashtags and avoid them to keep your posts safe and reach the explore section.


If you have any additional notes to add, you can write for us in the comments section; we are waiting to hear your ideas.

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