How Many Hashtags Should be Used on Instagram? (Based on the Instagram New Algorithm)


Instagram hashtags have always been one of the most effective ways to get more attention and impression on your post, but you have to know how to use them properly to achieve success.

You can reach a great community using these little tags in the Instagram caption. But it can be distracting to how many hashtags should be used on each post. Should we ramble on all the possible hashtags we know in our post?

Well, as you might guess, it is not like that!

Today we will show you how to use hashtags on Instagram so that you can gain a good number of impressions on your posts, stories, and totally Instagram account.

Before starting to discuss how many hashtags should be used on Instagram, let us see how the hashtag itself works, and after that, you will have the best engagement among the other influencers.

How many hashtags should be used on Instagram

How do Instagram hashtags work?

Hashtags are one of the Instagram features that are made for categorizing your content, so if someone wants to find content about a specific thing, they can make their job much more easily. You can search for different hashtags from the Instagram search bar.

When you put hashtags on your post, the Instagram algorithm categorizes your post, and your post is going to be seen by more people.

But Instagram wants to start up a new feature. Using semantic keyword search is the main feature that Instagram is slowly going forward, and it will give the user the option of searching every word on the caption.

So, it may be questioned to you guys that will hashtag disappear slowly? Absolutely not.

Hashtags have always been one of the main features of Instagram so that they will remain with us, and with their help, we can make the impressions of our page blow.

Now let’s have a look at the best Instagram hashtags.

How many hashtags should be used on Instagram

The Best Instagram hashtags

  1. #love
  2. #interiordesign
  3. #design
  4. #fashion
  5. #instagood
  6. #style
  7. #inspiration
  8. #art
  9. #travel
  10. #summer

These hashtags that we mentioned are the most popular hashtags on Instagram. For example, the first hashtag on the list, “love,” searched about 2.1b, which is impressive.

So, you have to consider such things and know what hashtags you want to use in your caption on the posts.

Let’s get back to the main title about how many hashtags I should use on Instagram and see what we should do to get more impressions on our page.

How many hashtags should be used on Instagram

How many Instagram hashtags can we use on our posts?

Well, if we consider the new algorithm of Instagram, one of the best ways is to use hashtags around 5-10 per post instead of using 30 per post.

You may think that the more hashtags, the better impression! Why should we lower the number? Because if you lower the number of Instagram hashtags, it becomes much easier for Instagram to categorize them. And this theory is tested, so there is no need to worry about the number of your Instagram hashtags.

But you have to be careful that this method only affects when Instagram introduces more suggested content on the feed. For now, it’s better to use as many hashtags as you can so your post gains more impressions.

So, the more hashtag you use, the more impression you get from it with the current algorithm of Instagram.

Different types of Instagram hashtags

If you know the categorization of the Instagram hashtags, it will help you a lot with the engagement of your page.

Hashtags are categorized into 5 different groups, which our team is going to introduce to you.

How many hashtags should be used on Instagram


These hashtags are location-based. For example, you use the name of a city in your hashtag, or if you want to be more specific with your hashtag, you can mention the place you are at, for example, #bryantpark.


Branded hashtags symbolize different campaigns or events, such as #oscars or #grammyawards.


This category is best for users who want to use a hashtag that matches their work and niche, such as #photography.


This is when you want to bring a large community of people together, such as #saveanimals which you try to bring up the animal lovers altogether.


This hashtag is used for describing your own business. Such as #sheabutterproducts

Using these Instagram hashtags can put you ahead of other influencers. You only have to use the correct hashtags with the right post.

But hashtags not only affect the categorization, but you can do different kinds of things it the help of hashtags, such as bringing up a community together.

How many hashtags should be used on Instagram

After all has been said and done.

We ended our article about how many hashtags I should use on Instagram. As you can see, if you want to increase the number of impressions of your posts, stories, and your IG page, you have to use hashtags.

You have to learn how to use Instagram hashtags by looking at the theme of your post. This means you have to use related hashtags based on your content.

If you are about to share your post, add the hashtags that are related to your content. Not too much and not too less. And let hashtags show the way to be on the Instagram explore section.


If we missed anything, or you just know more than we talked about in our article, please share it with us.

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