How to Unfollow Hashtags on Instagram? Organize your Instagram Feed


Nowadays, people On Instagram spend a lot of time exploring their interests. Instagram hashtags are critical for people. It helps them discover and to be discovered.

If you use correct and related hashtags in your captions, more Instagram users will find your posts, increasing your engagement rate. Check this article if you want to have some Instagram Hashtag Guides to increase your followers.

As mentioned before, Instagram hashtags are also helpful in discovering new content. To make it more easier for Instagram users to discover the content they are searching for on a regular basis, Instagram, this creative platform, has created a way for users to follow hashtags.

When you follow a hashtag, you’re offering Instagram the allowance to add top posts of that specific hashtag to your IG feed.

How to Unfollow All Hashtags on Instagram? Organize your Instagram Feed

So, the hashtags you follow will essentially look like the Instagram users you follow in words of how attending they will be in your day-to-day Instagram exploration.

Here we want to discuss how to follow and unfollow hashtags on Instagram. So if you have followed some hashtags and now looking for ways to unfollow them, stay with us.

How to Follow Hashtags on Instagram?

Following hashtags is so easy that you don’t need any complicated steps. When you see a tag in any caption, just tap on it, and a page will be opened in which you can see the “Follow” option. Gently tap on that, and ta-da, you have followed this hashtag.

If you haven’t seen a tag, you wish to follow, and you want to search for it, here is the instruction:

  1. On the Instagram app. Open the explore section, then tap on the search toggle.
  2. Search for the hashtag you like in the search section, and tap on it.
  3. The exact page will be open, and you can follow the hashtag.

Just simple as eating an apple pie, you can search and find all the hashtags you need and you are obsessed with and want to see on your Instagram feed.

How to Unfollow All Hashtags on Instagram? Organize your Instagram Feed

Now, what if you want to unfollow Instagram hashtags? In the section below, we’ve gone through this topic.

How to Unfollow Hashtags on Instagram?

If you followed way too many hashtags on Instagram and now your feed is an absolute mess, and you want to fix it immediately, all you need to do is follow these steps to unfollow all the tags you don’t need.

To unfollow a specific hashtag you don’t like anymore, just follow the steps below:

  1. Head to your Instagram and tap on your profile page to open your main home.
  2. Tap on the “Following” section on your home page.
  3. Above all the accounts you are following, there is a section named “Hashtags.”
  4. Tap on “Hashtags,” and you will see the list of the tags you have followed.
  5. Choose the one you like to unfollow, and then tap on “Following.”
  6. A pop-up will appear, which contains the “Unfollow” button.
  7. Click on the unfollow option and unfollow the hashtag.

You can use this method to eliminate any hashtags you have followed and now don’t want anymore.

How to Unfollow Hashtags on Instagram

You can use another method to unfollow hashtags on your Instagram account. This is the simpler one:

Find the hashtag you want to remove from your feed when you see it on your main feed page. You can take a quick scroll and ensure you’re definitely ready to delete this hashtag.

So tap on the #Hashtag, and its main page will be opened; now, like the previous methods, tap on the unfollow button to remove the unwanted hashtags.

You’re not going to harm the hashtag’s feelings. Simply unfollow any of them you don’t like anymore and clean your feed because the hashtag page is not a real person or account! Just kidding!

A common question is: do other Instagram users see the hashtags you have followed?

Yes, all your followings can see which hashtags you are following. If you have a public page, then all the IG users can see your followed hashtags, and if you have a private one, only the people that are following you can see this section.

How to Unfollow All Hashtags on Instagram? Organize your Instagram Feed

Long story short

Now that you know how to clear hashtags that you don’t want to follow anymore, you can feel free to follow new ones. Try exploring new hashtags to expand your interests and your Instagram community. My personal favorite hashtags are #Bookmark and #DIY.

You can try to follow new hashtags because you never know that you might find some like-minded friends to connect with.

Or you might find yourself trying new things to do. Instagram is somehow used as an exploration tool, and the key to this exploration is Hashtags.


Please share your opinions and thoughts with us on this topic and about Instagram hashtags, and have a discussion down here.

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