The Best Instagram Apps for Artists [To Advance Their Feed]


As you know, Instagram is a visual platform, so this is the most suitable app for artists and art lovers. According to Instagram’s graphic nature and ease of use, this app can efficiently become artists’ new favorite way to share their art and creative souls.

Posting your artworks is the best idea to gather and create a community for yourself and showcase your work to users worldwide.

Posting pictures are the best solution, but you need to know how to create the best content and how to put all your efforts into making a better profile on this popular platform.

There are so many ways you can follow to get help, and one of them is using the best Instagram apps for artists to have an assistant for creating better content.

Stay with us to know about the best apps for artists and how to use them to make an eye-catching profile.

The Best Instagram Apps for Artists [To Advance Their Feed]

What are the best Instagram apps for artists in 2022?

In the subsequent section, we have collected some of the most useful apps for artists to help them create a better profile on Instagram and do things more efficiently.

  1. Adobe Spark Post

This is an excellent app for users looking to add text or graphic items to an image or video on their phone device. Adobe Spark Post is designed to create content and edit for Instagram or other social media as simply as possible.

Users can use Spark to add their logo on the photos to watermark it for Instagram posts or stories. Also, you can text any content before posting them.

  1. Repost for Instagram

When a random user posts about your artwork and accomplishments on Instagram, you need to thank them and show your happiness.

Same as when someone shares something about you on Facebook, and you want to re-share the post with your own followers on your page.

What are the best Instagram apps for artists in 2022?

As you already know, Instagram doesn’t have sharing feature in the feed. You can share the post in the direct section, though, but there’s a trick that Instagram artists use, and it’s using the Repost for the Instagram app.

How can you use Repost for Instagram?

  1. Open your Instagram account. In the upper corner of the post you want to report, click the three dots and then select “Copy Link.”
  2. Then, head to the Repost for Instagram App. You can see the post you just copied at the top of the list.
  3. Click on the post, then choose which side of the photo you would like to credit the original Instagram user.
  4. Tap on the “Repost” button at the bottom, and a box will appear. You need to choose “Copy Caption & Open Instagram.”
  5. Instagram automatically opens, and you can post the content to your Story or your Feed.

Using this method helps you repost any content you like on your feed or story and easily give credit to the creator.

The Best Instagram Apps for Artists [To Advance Their Feed]

  1. Linktree

If you are one of our site’s old followers and readers, you definitely remember that we talked about this app earlier in one of our posts. But if you don’t know, we will explain it briefly again.

On Linktree, you can create links to the other platforms you are in and share them all on your Instagram bio section.

You know that on the website section on Instagram bio, you can only share one link. So using Linktree helps you to gather all the links and put them in your bio.

This will give your followers access to all the platforms on which you have an account, and you can create a royal community.

If you want to know how to use Linktree on Instagram, you can check this link and find out more about this featured app.

What are the best Instagram apps for artists in 2022?

  1. Buffer

Using Scheduling Apps for Instagram is a must for all the creators on this platform. If you want to do things as your plan and smoothly, you can use Instagram scheduling apps. One of the most used apps we recommend use is Buffer.

Set up your Instagram account as a business one. And then Install the app, Buffer, on your phone. You also can set up your account through its website.

In the app’s Settings section, you are able to create a posting schedule to include the days and times you wish to share content.

Before creating any Instagram schedule, ensure you know the online time of your followers and audience to share the post at the exact time most of them are online on Instagram.

What are the best Instagram apps for artists in 2022?

  1. Boomerang

Boomerang is available both for Android & IOS devices. This app lets you create short videos, known as Boomerangs, which loop back and forth. As mentioned earlier, video-based content is more viewed on Instagram, so if you want to share a picture, you can create a boomerang.

You can use Boomerang when you are out of ideas and also when you don’t want to post photos but don’t have any video-based content.

This app is free and made by the Instagram company itself, so this will be more suitable for your Instagram feed.

You can download Adobe Spark posts on the App Store (for IOS users) and Google Play (for Android users).

What are the best Instagram apps for artists in 2022?

in light of these facts

growing an Instagram page as an artist can be a challenging job. For this aim, you can use apps to help you on this way and assist you in walking through this path more smoothly.

Here we have added the five best apps for artists, which help them create better content and develop their IG accounts faster.

Instagram is an ideal platform for artists to showcase their talents and find a great art lover community. You can check this link to find the best Instagram hashtags for artists, and add them to your captions.


If you have any inquiries about using these apps, you can ask us in the comments below. We would be pleased to help you along your way.

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