Best Instagram Hashtags for Artists |To Get in Explore in 2022|


You have made the best decision if you have chosen Instagram as a showcase for your arts and handicrafts. Instagram monthly has a billion active users, so it is a great chance to represent your art and find the target audience. For this, you need to monetize an eye-catching page.

First, make a plan for what you are going to do with your Instagram account. Second, create an account on Instagram and switch it to the creator account. Then make your profile as good as possible by following a theme, posting regularly, and interacting with other pages.

As you know, and we mentioned before, one key to be seen and attracting more audiences is using #Hashtags. Using related hashtags and making a great caption is half of your way to success on this most engaging platform.

I’m sure you are aware of the importance of hashtags; if you are not, you can this guidance about Instagram Hashtag and increase your info.

Best Instagram Hashtags for Artists |To Get on Explore in 2022|

In this part, we are going to add the Art hashtags that can be helpful for you to reach Explore on Instagram. If you want to have a great marketing strategy, you will need this information.

Best Instagram Hashtags for Artists that help you to get on Explore

This part will mention the most popular hashtags that are always trending and getting updated. And also some hashtags that are useful for newly created accounts!

What are the differences? If you have just created an art account, you will have less engagement, you don’t have that many followers, and your likes and comments are not enough. So your post will be lost among the top posts of higher engaged accounts.

Writing the most used and the most followed hashtags in this situation won’t guarantee that you gain more audiences. So we try to categorize these tags and tell which one is better for you to use based on your account.

First, let’s start with the most popular art Hashtags.

The Most popular and most followed Art hashtags for your Instagram account:

#art (500M) – #artsy (25M)#instaart (55M)
#artist (150M)#arte (49M)
#artwork (80M)#artistsoninstagram (30M)
#artoftheday (27M)#artofvisuals (32M)

The best Digital art hashtags for your Instagram:

#design (188M) – #digitaldrawing (4M)#photoshop (26M)
#digitalart (37M)#digital (15M)
#graphicdesign (31M)#graphics (14M)
#procreate (5M)#digitalpainting (7M)

Hashtags for Drawing on Instagram:

#drawing (162M)#sketchbook (40M)
#illustration (102M)#doodle (32M)
#sketch (91M) -#sketching (14M)#illustrator (21M)
#characterdesign (7.5M)#drawings (17M)

Best calligraphy hashtags o Instagram:

#handlettering#handtype – #letteringco

Hashtags for Amateur arts on Instagram:

#myart (15M) -#artstudy (200K)#youngartist (1M)
#arts_help (3.5M)#instagramartist (600K)
#worldofartists (2.5M)#drawingtutorial (300K)
#artpractice (200K)#amateurartist (200K)

Best art hashtags for new created account on Instagram with under 10K posts:

#digitalartpainting (10K)#instartinspire (9K)
#instartoftheday (10k)#fineartstudio (9K)
#paintersofig (10K)-#artworkspage (4K)#fineartalbum (6K)
#contemporarypainting (8K)#abstraktexpressionism (1K)

How and why use art hashtags for your art Instagram account?

Now you know the hashtags, but the question is how to use them correctly to get to explore.

  • Choose art Instagram hashtags regarding your activity.

If you put the #Art under each of your posts, your content will be next to a million contents that might not be related to yours. Don’t use general hashtags and avoid them until your accounts reach a sufficient number of followers.

If you are a digital artist, it is better to use the hashtags #digitalart, #digitalarts, and #digitalartists. This makes you be next to the relevant content and higher your engagement rate.

  • Select the art hashtags on Instagram so that you can compete with them.

The top hashtags are continuously updating with new posts. This makes these tags hard to compete. So make sure you understand the power of your account and then write a relevant Hashtag, you can be seen and attract some users.

If you want to pick a hashtag, find the ones with a similar number of your likes. If you receive 1000 likes per post, select 1000x tags and write them for your posts. This will ensure that the followers will see the content of this hashtag.

Best Instagram Hashtags for Artists |To Get on Explore in 2022|

Taking everything into account

Here, we wrote about how you can use the Art Hashtags to ensure you get the best results on Instagram. Optimize your account to succeed more on Instagram. But don’t overuse the same hashtag on all of your posts. You can search and find more hashtags, the General ones and the specific ones on the Instagram explore section.

Your post with a hashtag has 12.6% better engagement than a post without a Hashtag. This is enough to acknowledge the importance of this little tag! But make it as relevant as you can.


I hope this info was beneficial if you have decided to boost your art account on Instagram and reach the explore section to receive more attention and audiences.

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