Instagram Story Insights Explained 2022


Instagram is one of the most significant platforms on social media that has more than 1 billion active users around the world.

Everyone, especially young people, loves Instagram and uses it daily. According to reports, users get online on Instagram for at least 45 minutes.

There is a feature on Instagram called “Story,” which is very welcomed by the users. Stories have 500 billion viewers daily, which is a considerable number.

This number makes users, I mean, professional users particularly, pay more attention to this fantastic photo and video sharing tool.

As you see, stories are essential in growing and expanding a professional page. It is as important as your feed, and if you share good content regularly and be active, you will see the results in your business and marketing.

Instagram Story Insights Explained 2022

Now a question pops in your mind: how we can see the metric of our stories to find out if we are doing good work.

In order to boost your business and marketing, you need to analyze your data. And what is better than story insight?

Instagram has provided this feature to help you analyze and track your progress and improve yourself. Let’s find out what is Instagram story insight and how can we use it?

What is Instagram insight?

Instagram insight is only for professional accounts, so you have a personal account if you can’t find it on your Instagram.

To have access to insight, you need:

  1. Switch to a professional account. (business or creator)
  2. You need to create a Facebook account and connect it with your Instagram. If you have one already, you can use it.

On Instagram Insights, there is a tab called “Overview.” in which you can have to access the main metrics from the last 7 days or 30 days.

Instagram Story Insights Explained 2022

We have already discussed how to view Instagram account insight; you can check the link to have more information. Here we want to talk about a more detailed part of it: story insight.

What is Instagram story insight?

Instagram story insight is a metric that helps you track your progress, particularly in the story section. It gives all the detail you need, from how many people have viewed your story to click and other stuff!

Understanding Instagram insights regarding stories are highly advantageous for business professionals, and it is a must-use for brand owners who aim to make an effort on the platform.

Attracting your audience is more challenging than before since the viewers have a lot to choose from on Instagram. For this, you need a great tool to help you and make sure your content is going in the right way.

How can you view Instagram story insights?

Stories, as you know, last for 24 hours, but on insights, you can view past story analyzes for up to 7 days after they’re created.

But you have to know that you can see insights for stories since you have switched to a business or creator account.

When you click on stories, you can see that all of them are measured with insights, and if you tap on one of them, you will see all the metrics.

Instagram Story Insights Explained 2022

Just observing the data will not be of any use; you have to know each of these metrics and how they can help you understand strengths and weaknesses.

We will tell you each of them and what they mean in the following part.

  • Impressions on Instagram Story

Impressions on the Story section is the total number of times users have seen your story on Instagram.

  • Navigation on Instagram Story

It Tracks the user’s interaction with your stories. In this part, you can see different metrics, and each has its own benefits.

  1. Forward: The number of taps on your story for showing the next photo or video.
  2. Back: The number of taps on your story for going to your previous one.
  3. Exited: The number of users that left your story.
  4. Replies: All the user’s replies to your story.
  5. Next Story: number of the taps for going to the following account’s story.
  6. Link Clicks: The whole time that users clicked the link on your story.

Paying attention to these data is highly recommended. It will show you which content was more engaging and which was not.

Instagram Story Insights Explained 2022

How can you see your old stories?

You can follow these steps to have access to your previous stories.

  1. Go to your profile page and navigate to the archive section.
  2. From there, you can find your old stories.

To put it simply, you can check your story insight following the below steps:

  • Go to the Insight tab.
  • You will see 3 categories: Content, Activity, and Audience.
  • Select the Content section.
  • Find Stories category.

A common question:

Can we find out how many times a user views our story?

Well, I’m afraid not! Instagram doesn’t count the number of times the same user views the story.

Instagram Story Insights Explained 2022

Long story short

To have a more successful business and marketing on Instagram, you need to analyze all the data. Paying attention to these makes you understand your strengths and weaknesses and helps you progress in your work.

As you know, stories are highly viewed, so you can use this advantage to grow your account and gain more followers and attract audiences.

So don’t forget to use Instagram’s outstanding features like story insight.


If you have any remarks and points to add, please let us know in the comments.

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