How to Make Cute Instagram Highlight Covers? +Free Ideas in 2023


Instagram highlight sections are one of the most important factors in your profile look. If you are one of the users that share so many stories and add them to the highlight section, you probably have thought about this issue. How to make your profile seem better and more attractive.

Why are highlights this much important for your profile? Because they are just under your bio section on Instagram and affect your page. You will have a beautiful Instagram profile if they are organized and well-designed.

You can make cute Instagram highlight covers to increase your page’s authenticity. If you don’t know how to make Instagram highlight covers, don’t be worried!

You don’t need to be any special graphic designer or editor; all you need is just your phone with a bit of creativity. So let’s make cute Instagram highlight covers together.

How to Make Cute Instagram Highlight Covers

How to make cute Instagram highlight covers?

Instagram stories can live on your profile forever if you create a highlight folder for them. And if you want to advance your highlights, you can create covers for them.

Here we will tell you how you can make cute covers for your Instagram highlights. You have two options: either you can use third-party apps like Canva, Picsart, or Pinterest, or you can do it through Instagram itself.

First, let’s see how you can do it through the Instagram application, and then we’ll discuss the apps.

Make cute Instagram highlight covers with the Instagram app itself.

Yes, yes, yes! You can create cute and excellent highlight covers using Instagram. All you have to do is follow the process below:

How to Make Cute Instagram Highlight Covers

  1. Head to your Instagram app, and on your feed, hold and move your finger to the right to open the story section.
  2. On the left of your phone’s screen, you can see 3 options. Tap on the first one, which is “Create.”
  3. Select a color for the background of your cover. You also can make a color from the “Draw” section of your story.
  4. Now go to the Instagram “Gif” and then search for any gif you want. For example, if you create a highlight for the books you have read, you can search for “book” to find any suitable gif.
  5. Then add the gif to the middle of your story and take a screenshot.
  6. Using this method, you can make lots of cute Instagram highlight covers within the Instagram application.

If you want a more advanced way, you can download one of the mentioned apps and start making covers for your highlights. You can follow the guide we have added here.

Make cute Instagram highlight covers using third-party apps.

Make cute Instagram highlight covers using third-party apps.

In this part, we have selected the Canva app. It is user-friendly, and it has lots of great features and options for editing. Plus, the more important thing is that even beginners can work with it.

To create highlight covers on the Canva app, follow the process below:

  1. Download and then head to the Canva app.
  2. On top of the app’s surface, you will see all the designs you can make.
  3. Select “Your Story.” This will load templates for Instagram Stories.
  4. At the bottom, choose a background color for your highlight cover.
  5. If you want to choose your own color, press “+.”
  6. You can even type your own color code (this is great for business and creator accounts).
  7. Select the “+” sign on the bottom right corner of the screen, then choose “Graphics.”
  8. You can scroll to discover the graphics or to make it quicker; you can search for a specific icon.
  9. Press on the icon you like to use for your highlight cover.
  10. To save the cover you have made, press “Share.”
  11. Select “Quick Look” (for iPhone users) and “Upload to Photos” (for Android users).
  12. Press the export icon and hit “Save image.”

Make cute Instagram highlight covers using third-party apps.

This method helps you create more covers in different themes and various colors. Canva is one of the most beneficial apps for Instagram users. Even professional accounts can get the help of this app and run their IG accounts smoothly.

Now that you have created Instagram highlight covers, you can change Instagram highlight covers, checking this link.

To sum up

You can create cute Instagram highlight covers in the mentioned ways. There is no need to have an advanced system or any special skills to design a highlight cover.

Even if you are not a graphic designer, don’t be worried. These ways are straightforward to make your highlight covers more beautiful. if you want to know the Instagram highlights and their effects on business accounts, check this link.


You can ask us in the comments if you have any questions about this topic and any of these steps.

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