How to Find Instagram Topic Ideas for Posts? Introducing 5 Valuable Sources


Although Instagram is an excellent tool for growing your business, finding a perfect topic for creating content and being active on this platform is challenging. There are many great pages with amazing content, so to be successful, you need to know how to find a good topic and make and share appropriate content for your followers and audiences.

Since most people use Instagram for their businesses and expand their brand, you have many components on this popular platform. In the following part, we want to mention some of the best ideas and topics you can use to create the best content on Instagram.

Although these are not that much, and you can’t use them permanently, they give you some general ideas when you absolutely don’t know what to do and share!

In the beginning, knowing how to build your presence on Instagram, what to share and what to post can be overwhelming. But hopefully, using these tips and ideas will guide you in the beginning and smoothen your success on Instagram.

How to Find Instagram Topic Ideas for Posts?

How to find Instagram post topics and share more content?

In the following part, we want to mention how you can find Instagram topics for creating posts, and in the next part, we will give you some ideas about it, so you can start making good content in the beginning.

  1. Search through your comments.

If your page is not that engaged, or you don’t receive that much comment, try to make conversation by asking things in the caption so that you can have some chat with your audiences.

It will undoubtedly give you some ideas about your following content. Ask your followers, customers, and audiences about their needs, and you will get your following content’s topic.

Check your audiences and followers’ interests, and pay attention to their needs.

If someone gave you great ideas on your next topic, you have to reply to them and thank them or ensure them your next post will be about that topic. Doing this first makes your engagement higher, and second, it makes you more trustable and reliable.

How to Find Instagram Topic Ideas for Posts?

  1. Use Instagram stories features: “Polls” and “Ask me a Question.”

The other tested way is using the most valuable features of the story section. Survey your audience and ask them anything you want about the following topics. Or you can even ask them about their favorite content. What do they want to see, and how should it be?

This is a direct way to talk with your audience and know their opinion on you and your page or your brand.

  1. Don’t forget Instagram keyword search.

Before explaining anything, if you don’t know about Instagram Keyword Search and How Does It Work, check this page. We have completely gone through this vital topic and explained it to you.

Briefly, Instagram has the best option that you can use for searching everything that pops into your mind. Back then, you needed to search some specific #hashtags to get the best result in the search bar, but now, just type the keyword, and you will see thousands of suggestions in front of you.

As I mentioned above, finding a good topic to create content on Instagram is challenging, but the app itself has so many options that you can use for your benefit.

How to Find Instagram Topic Ideas for Posts? Introducing 5 Valuable Sources

  1. Get some ideas and hints from your competitors on Instagram.

It is not a bad thing, and it is not copying. Take your time and check your competitors’ accounts and see what they are doing and how they find topics for their Instagram profiles. You will find some new ideas in your own way, and it will brighten your mind about your work.

Getting inspiration and learning things as long as they are not copied is a great job to do to grow yourself and then increase your brand and page.

  1. Search for topics on other apps like Pinterest or Quora.

As you know, Pinterest is a visual searching app where you can find millions of ideas about everything you search for. The other app that we have mentioned is Quora. It might be less used than Pinterest, but it is in the same value. People can ask their questions, and other users will answer them.

Quora has Android and iOS version, and it is available for all devices. In this created conversation, you can find thousands of ideas and get inspired about what your audience might want to see on your page.

These are the ways you can find some ideas about your next topic on Instagram. Check this paper if you want to know The Most Viewed Topics on Instagram and get inspired about what you want to share. You can find some ideas about sharing content on your Instagram account.

How to Find Instagram Topic Ideas for Posts? Introducing 5 Valuable Sources

Considering all of these;

If you have a business, in other words, a professional page on Instagram, you always have to be searching for creative topics to create the best content for your followers and customers.

If you are not successful in finding them, your business will be in great danger. Instagram is a world of sharing creative and eye-catching content, and someone who is successful can discover the best topic and shares the best posts.

So don’t be worried if you are a beginner; you will get the track of having an Instagram professional account using these tips. We hope you expand your page as fast as you can.


Do you own a professional account on Instagram? How do you find an interesting topic for your audience, do you know other ways? If positive, please share them with us in the comment below.

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